Complicity Life

Cuz I be thinking & I've been thinkin // life is too short & more complex then we be thinkin // life is like a bitch that every niqqa be feelin // we hurt her feelins & that's wen she starts to tearing // I get my tear in & I start blinking // seeing life in many colors I be linking // it was like if u opened ur eyes while u was sinking // a new world in front of ur eyes u try drinking // thinking you full but yet u really shrinking // the weight of the water be leaving u all stressed // it be feeling like dat HD blue ray stinging u in the chest // the poison slowly feeds buts it's slow to ingest // that's why every part of me is fast to address // cuz every second of life is time to impress // to progress into something at best // to express & confess leaving things at arms rest // being true to myself fighting wearing my belt // being good at my feet // finding & dinning da treats // this a concrete jungle // I'm jus killing to eat // thriving, striving, surviving, & driving to see // arriving at this world dats still unclear to me.


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