Behold Oblivion

Dusk's Rule

Should we march on, still shackled,
Into our destiny, toward our fate,
By this idea we call choice,
We should behold oblivion--

Why is the drunk unable,
and the homeless persecuted?

Here is the screaming,
Blood gushing, wounds gaping,
Fighting, as if we had a choice,
Where we are born,
Who our parents are,
and what we believe.

Eternity is an infinite loop,
Watch the sand swirl in the wind,
The waves lap any trace of time,
Forever marching onward.

Praise God, for he,
is the one you were born to.

Dancing in ceremony,
Singing hymns,
Bonded together,
Bonded at birth.

Slowly the world wakes,
With the one realization,
The illusion of choice,
It's naked, destructive force.

Idea of choice--acidic to existence.

The core of our dissonance,
Why society reverberates in white embers,
Burning itself, clawing, stabbing,
All the while, the few,
Behold Oblivion--

Supercomputers, generated,
Altered by the environment,
And all choices are inevitable,
Given time, given place.

Forget choice--feel reality,
See the paths that lie ahead of all,
Travel them each, forgive, mend, move on,
Should you say they had a choice--

Behold Oblivion.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The beginning of what I'll always show to the world. Few are ready.

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