all of these poems are still about you

You came and went with the seasons

wandering deeper and deeper into yourself

leaving a trace of transparent footprints from here to there

you said it was whatever, "to hell with your health"

and God dammit, I should have treasured more deeply than I did

the mere fact that you insinuated I-

could sleep with you so closely in your head

you picked me apart and told me I was something

still I am not sure what exactly you meant by that

but my God, I was pleasured to be anything to someone

if that someone had the nerve to be you

no longer did I feel chained to the confines of my bed

and tears still came but they weren't ash black like before


dammit, I loved you and I still do

if I have felt anything for anyone since it was not genuine because

every quality of every person I have smiled at

in that instance may have resembled you, and I regret-

what I was thinking when

pushing you away to retract seemed like such a good idea

of a way to measure the degree of love you may or may have not felt

for me but instead

You took your leave completely thinking you inflicted this flawed process of thought in me

but in reality I am so much better with your rash opinions and your bloodshot eyes

and your stormy weather

though we're both disgusting vile creatures on our own agenda

we could make such beautiful sunny days together


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tomorrow is a new day and you can feel that again. The key is to get someone that feels the same for you.. Then it is great.