You were 6 and I was 10.
We were the best of friends,
Friends to the end was our vow.
Then the time came when you faded into the light.
Death came for you on that cold and rainy night.
You were 6 and I was 10 when we had our last fight.

Out in the deep blue sea our dads took you and me.
You started to get sick and I started to tease and pick.
Sea sickness I thought you had, yelling and shouting making you so mad.

I called you up that next night to apologize for the fight.
Your mom said you’re not feeling too good, you could not get out off bed.
Then late that night I got that call, they said you passed away.
You die in your moms arms that night.
How I wish that I could have helped you with that fight.

After that I wrote you letters and asked my dad to put them on your headstone.
I asked you to help my family because soon I would be all alone.
Loud tones at night and full of fright.
Then mom left dad and I was very sad and full of anger.
At the time I blamed myself for your death and dad and moms break up.
I Called mom at work one night because my dad was to drunk, My sister scared and my baby brother to young to care.
age 10 I went to the neighbors and carry my dad home with one arm around my shoulder.
My mom took us away late that night.
I did not understand it until many years later.
As I asked you for help, you did what I asked.
Knowing now if they had stayed together I wouldn't have this life I have.
Dad would still be drinking and mom would be so sad.
With your help we are all living a better life and that I'm doing go staying away from the knife.
I'll never forget the times we had long ago on a small Island they call Fogo.
And now to keep you in my mind I have this saying,
"You were 6 and I was 10, it was the end of your life but the beginning of poet6-10"

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this is very clever how you have come up with your logo. I like it a lot. hbw

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poet 610

this is a wonderful write about your friend. May I suggest, you should write your life story,
make a chap-book about it. It would be amazing. I have written my life story, it starts when
my mother and father meet as young kids. and continues through my life until the present. I
keep filling in a blanks as I go. And I inject poetry in some places. I'm talking too much.
sorry. hbw

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I think i started once a few years but came acorss a few things where i said i can put that in there , i can't put this in there and figure i would have to many blanks, i guess it would be hard to offend ones that you love or there fmaily

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In my life story, I have written many things about people in my life, good and bad.
I have never used names about some things. or instant I write about my drummer boy. Another chap-book I have written is titled "Somewhere In Fantsayland" I have used my family and friends and written a poem about each one, Never using names again. So they don't really who I am writing about. All they can do is guess. BuT I know who each one s. enough said. have a good day. take care. hw