another good night

my soul




You came to me at midnight upon a white horse
you scooped me up in your arms so strong
pulling me closely to you without remorse
whispering softly in my ear, "Right here is where you belong"

I ride with you upon the winds into the night
two souls which were lost, now to be found
I feel the thunder, I hang on tight
I close my eyes, and your breathing is the only sound

you guide the horse with ease, letting it run free.
I hold onto you, as we run thru pastures and streams.
Letting your love take my heart; my soul; and my dreams
letting my spirit go as if in a dream.

You stop the horse by a river running wild.
You pull me down with style and grace
into a field of flowers that go on for miles.
Your lip's move to mine, slow, no hurry no haste


You lie me down on a bed of flowers and clover.
Touching my heart, my body, and my very soul.
making love to me, Over and over and over,
never rushing, your hands moving slow.

I look up at you and smile
a smile that sets me on fire.
you know, yes you know all the while
that your touch fills me with desire.

I slowly slip from your arms
resisting just one more hour with you.
Tearing myself away from your charms,
I open my eyes and the dream is gone.

And I smile and whisper to the day,
another good night in your arms.




never stop dreaming


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A perfect Memory


A beautiful Florida sunset

Holding a camera by the sea

With the one you love

The perfect memory

Walking along the water

Running in the waves

Laying in the sand

Or climbing on the caves

Looking in the distance

Noticing that the sun is now gone

Its cooler and darker now

Till the next mornings early dawn

Sitting in the cool sand

Looking up at the bright moon

Listen to the sounds

Your ears you have to tune

What you here is the ocean

The waves go up and down

Walking along the beach

Or heading towards the town

We walk on the lit sidewalk

Our hands are tightly locked

We head the other way

To wear the boats are all docked

It was a lovely night

Relaxing by the sea

With the one I love

What a perfect memory.

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Wishful Thinking

Welcome to a fantasy! Pack your bags! Come live!

It's where all evil turns to good and the rich love to give!


Where people share and discuss books they've been reading,

and all small-minded people are positive thinking.

A place where all the hungry are fully fed.

and all the homeless are home in bed.

A place where peace for mankind is a pledge we've all signed

and bullets for guns no one can find.

Where doctors and lawyers are free.

Politicians are truthful, and all people at 100 still look youthful.

Where people are social and so nice to meet and if you've had a hard day they'll offer to give you their seat.  

Where no one wears fur.

We never eat meat and the water we drink

and the air we breathe is a clean fresh treat.

Where sports heroes here all play for fun,

and taxes in my world? "HELL" there is none!

Where people work at love and love to work,

and no matter how long you've been married

they won't drive you bizzurk.

Where getting high here is climbing a mountain,

Yet, there is champaign in every fountain.

(21 and over only)

Where the thought of war, pain or disease is totally absurd.

The words aids or cancer have never been heard!

A place where teaching our children is the most beautiful gift we share, no question of our love, because it's always there!

Where there's never a worry as to what sexual orintation, race or religion you are because, we're all beautiful,unique, bright shining stars.

Where we are one in hopes and fears,laugher and tears.

A warm caring place we're all greeted with a big smile a glance.

Founded on the his words and his wisdom "Give peace a chance".



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Some may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one". (John Lennon)
Peace & Love

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My Love

The women of my dreams

And of my

Nightmares that

Destroyed my


Longing for her and I to be

Eventhough she turned me down

Everytime I asked her out

Praying her

And I could spend

Romantic and en-


Hours in the

Evening watching

Romantic sun sets


Jeremy C.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

every line starts with a letter from her name. Tandy Lee Parcher.

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My dream has finally come true

I can now be with you

When I look at you

I can't belleve it's you

but it's true

In my arms I'm holding you

When I open my eyes I'm looking at you

I can't belleve I was just kissing you

I thought only in my dreams could I ever kiss you

Dreams do come true

I'm glad this one of you

has come true


Jeremy C.


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net die bome kyk vir haar

met deursigtige reënboogvliese

gedruppel op elke blaar

die vingers van 'n mosgroen varing

vou om 'n kwetterende droom

haar mond gevul met heuning

vorm ontkiemde woorde

sy was haar hande

in 'n kom met melkwit room

en laat dit droog tot tweede vel

daarna keer sy geheilig terug

terwyl die woudvolk sag vertel

van voetpaaie en vrye vlug

en ander onbetrede oorde

die vasgevange tyd

begin weer tik ... tik ... tik ...

sy neem afskeid:

knielend langs die bergbruin stroom

laat sy die helder hede vry

om môre se wagtende oewers

met spoelgoud te bevrug

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ek stap nie graag op gebaande weë nie ... in die bos vang ek die tyd vlietend vas en verdroom dit ... onbetrede oorde ...

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Silent Footsteps

Ugonna Wachuku


Wonderful winds are gone.
Silent footsteps are here.


Living waters and refreshing
dews follow my being.
Like silent footsteps, my
soul is calm, this day.
My heart aches and yearns.


My feeling is blank.
Shadows follow me on
this journey through


Each new dawn, I wake up,
waiting, hoping, striving,
reaching out to hold on to
my dreams and castles in
the air.


What a breathtaking life!
What dreams, what hope,
what riddles and smiles,
and pain will come my
way tomorrow?


What beauty, what joy,
what silent footsteps
will go with me to
sleep tonight?


Tomorrow, when I wake
up, please, tell me
stories of my soul's
yearning to be all the
good I must be to humanity
and to myself.


Tell me to let those
silent footsteps guide
me to peace, to new
bounties of love and
calm understanding.


Let me wait and hope
in the stillness of
these inspiring silent
footsteps. Let me be the
one I am created to be.
Please, heaven, help me


Let these peaceful
silent footsteps

be ours.  



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Another Hope....


"Another Hope...." 8 - 18 - 01

the moment of a lifetime

the chance at my dreams

now lay in the camera gleam

the curtain pulls back

the lights flash bright

and the crowd begins to fight((moshing))

the vibrations flow thru my body

my pulse begins to quicken

as the adrenaline begins to kick in

then i wake up, the lights flicker

the train continues on

as I begin to weep

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Dream Is Just A Dream, But A Goal Is A Goal!!

My dream is to be in WNBA,

Just to feel on top of the world just a for a day,

That would be awesome to be that way!

I wish I could be in the WNBA,

So I could be praised when I?m so great!

So I could feel loved by everything,

And feel the comfort and security from them.

I wish I could be in the WNBA,

So I could be popular in every way!

I would have so many friends,

And I wouldn?t have that many enemies!

I wish I could be in the WNBA,

That is my dream and goal,

That it would be that way!

I guess a dream is just a dream,

But a goal is a goal, and they come true,

As long as you do your best,

You?ll pull through!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love this poem, I believe it is one of my best piece of work!  I really would love to be in the WNBA, but I think it is a dream!  Enjoy, Thanks for reading, critique!!

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