What can I do now?

                     What can I do now?

                     "Make yourself a cup of tea!"

                     - - - Surprising  sound of silence!

                     Source of abundance opens

                     no question left unanswered.

                     What can I do now?

                     Stay cool - observe wishful dreams

                     before been kicked out.

                     Being will take over soon

                     leaving ash of self behind.

                     What can I do now?

                     Watch the rain - breath deep - listen

                     sound of drumming drops.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first three lines of the first Tanka,
                    were written in 1957 as a Haiku.

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Where's my benefits

Where'e my big break

I had this hope of being big

It was all a dream

A total crock

Don't feed the greed

or help the burning desires

Dreaming will always occur

But will it ever come true?

When can I cash in

How much more must I wait

Impatience builds up in side me

I have the chips but can I get the chance to cash them in

Don't feed the greed

or help the burning desires

Dreaming will always occur

But will it ever come true?

Utilizing the talents

Giving them their fuel

But when can I use them

When will it all work out

Sometimes I tend to shout

Let out a wail or two

I'm frustrated

Can't you see

Don't feed the greed

or help the burning desires

Dreaming will always occur

But will it ever come true

I wonder if it'll happen

Only time will tell

If not , what dream is next

Only time will tell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You won't be famous, you won't be rich, so stop letting the world bullshit you

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A Day At The Beach

The dawn is slowly breaking.

In solitude I play.

Upon your white sand beaches

I will start my day.

I needed just some time alone with you

Dear waves that kiss the shore ~

For soon you will be crowded

With people by the score.

For now, my set of footprints

Is all that can be seen.

You whisper to me softly~

"Please feel free to dream."

The morning chill is lifting

as the sun plays on your face.

Our solitude is broken,

by two children in a race.

Reluctantly, I say good-bye

But I will not go far.

I only leave you for awhile

To trudge up to my car.

Umbrella, lunch, book and shades.

Have I got it all?

Over shouts and people's laughter

I can still hear your call.

There is now a sea of people ~

Between me, and your white-capped waves.

It seems our time of solitude

Is over for today.

Excuse me. Please excuse me!

Did I kick sand in your face?

I ment no harm, believe me.

Hello, my name is Grace.

It was really hard to get here.

It seems I have come so far!

How in the world, did I ever get

all this in my car?

Yes, I do play volleyball.

A partnership with you?

I guess that it would be OK.

Wow, your eyes are blue!

The lunch we shared was wonderful.

It now is time to be brave!

Yes, I'll take your hand ~ I agree

We'll get faster to the waves.

I can't believe the day is over.

Will I stay for awhile more?

It seems, we are now among, but just a few

that walk upon the shore.

Oh look, the moon is rising.

I was here to greet the sun.

I think I am in the very spot

where my day begun.

Of course, I believe in a wishing star!

Wishes do come true.

After all~

I started my day, with just the waves.


I end it now ~

with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To quote a friend ~
The title from HawkSquaw...the poem from me. Hard challenge my friend. ~Lesa~

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Each day a new beginning

I think of you and still remember

And every time your memory brings

Me closer to you at least for a while!

Each an every brand- new tomorrow

I want to share here my heart with you...

With all this love that we both know,

And still is there after this time...

Sharing dreams with you inside my heart,

And gentle thoughts I've saved only for you,

And never ever from me depart...

By now deep in my soul, had been endorsed!

Some dreams are just that! and just memories!

Living in a fantasy world with all the pixies and fairies!!

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It dosent rain without pain it dosent swing without a ring it dosent go without the flow its a real life problem in my mind i wanna leave it behind but i cant the thoughts of all i did without fail i feel small and i trail behind your mind it dosent move me it dosent soathe me it dosent make me feel real it drives me away i’m gone so long have a good day without seeing you is hard catch me off my gaurd................it dosent swing it dosent rain it dosent feel its not real its not pain its not my thing so i go away why did you say all those things not into my face but my eyes after all my tries i’m thrown away come back i will someother day london called me back get off my back i’m hiting the sack................ mind it dosent move me it dosent soathe me it dosent make me feel real it drives me away i’m gone so long have a good day without seeing you is hard catch me off my gaurd

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Tender precious moments

That will stay in my mind

Filled with all your charms

With this love that's so kind.

Each page my heart turns is filled

With dreams of you that always follow me

For I know your love is right here with mine

To slowly and eternally burn within me!

Dorian Petersen -Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


~Thank you my friend, for reading my poetry~

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My love for you is ...endless

I am always drifting in dreams

Clouds as vapor behind sad eyes

Filling my head with only dreams of you!

My love for you is timeless

Always drifting in clouds of daydreams,

With the brightest rainbows in my heart

I'm much closer to you,now in a rose dream!

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


I am free verse,
and know the rules,
and use them -
when they suit me,
which admittedly
tends not to be the case.
tradition, laws;
very much not
my sort
of thing,
I fear.
Perhaps, on occasion,
I go too far in the opposite direction,
and shun the accepted merely because it's accepted,
accepting its opposite merely because it isn't;
but since it's clearly
better that than
being normal;
What Poetry Form Are You?

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Lucid Dream

Lost in the mist, caught in the gateway

Between fantasy and reality,

Where that which is seen vanishes,

And that which is felt disintegrates,

An infinite universe, eternally expanding

Yet existing only within the void separating eye and captor,

Lucid dream, lucid thoughts,

A mind refusing to open into reality,

Imagination; the sanctuary within,

Delve beneath waking waters,

Surface amidst hopes, desires; the version of reality we yearn for:

A place in which one can shiver and never be cold,

Sweat, yet feel no heat,

Cry without shame or the need for explanation,

Speak in words that encompass all meaning,

And alter the earth without a whisper to the world,

A solitary planet orbiting the brightest flame of the heavens,

Isolated in this subconscious realm, beneath the veil of night,

If only reality was a stream of the surreal,

Trickling into every moment of life,

Or if dreams could materialize into the tangible,

Yet in the absence of non-reality, artful nuances dwindle,

As does life, and its fury of passion,

One must be without, to find oneself,

To experience what it is to possess that which we are without,

In this wakeful moment, I breathe,

Inward, the first breath of that which I have yet to experience.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote most of this in my head while I was lying there in bed after I had woken up but hadn't opened my eyes yet. Sort of a new topic for me too. Let me know what you think.

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I stand in front of you, with a feeling of impending doom

Just us two, the only people in the room

I try to run for the door

But I'm super-glued to the floor

You give me The Look

And around me things begin to cook

The sofa bursts into flames

Fear urges me to call out your name

To plead my case so you would stop

But my mouth is so dry that there's no hope

Of me even croaking out a sound

The heat from your eyes makes the room go round

I reach out for the wall's helping hand

But it's like hot sand

So I quickly withdraw

The coffee table is no more

Afterall, wood cannot withstand dry acid rain

I'm sweating now, feeling drained

Yet you still aim The Look my way

Unwavering, as if to say "I'm here to stay"

The TV slowly melts

I try to look away but your belt

Is a leash holding me hostage

Inside an electrified cage

The VCR follows suit

You're still mute

Well, except for the noise created by your eyes

Then somehow you hear my cries

You hear my parched pleas

And you let The Look decrease

In intensity


You let me fall into the welcoming arms of

The door. You know I've had enough

Later that night

I don't feel right

Granted, I did survive

I was alive

But oh how I ache all over

Because of The Look, because of the Lover

Because of his heat-generation

Because of his radiation.

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