Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Close your eyes and dream with me, of a moonlit night, ore a crystal sea.

Within this place of fantasy, our hearts are young, our minds are free.

We stand within a little town, where dreams are love, and love abounds!

There are no fears, no cares to face, all sadness of the day erased.

No need for locks on any doors.  No money needed in any store.

We see the smiles of hearts set free, no longer chained to harsh reality.

Within the square, a Carousel. Oh yes, I can remember well!   Again in the spendor of its day, it welcomes all who come to play.

Handsome steeds upon brass poles, transport us back to days of old.

To a simpler time, a simpler place - to a time we did not live our lives in haste.

We feel that we are truly blessed, to have joined this dream with all the rest.

The day is calling from afar, we wish upon a falling star.

"I wish I may, I wish I might".....take with me the magic of this night.

To remember the peace of days gone by.....to remember that my heart can fly.

As the star falls to the sea, we are no longer in our fantasy.

For now, our dream is at its end.

A wish for peace, shared with a friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Somewhere over the rainbow!  Wouldn't it be grand?  Lesa

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Drifting Away

The wind is warm

Making my hair dance

To the rythem of the song

In my head

I see only stars

From the night sky above

And the ground below

is silent and still

I am on a hill

With a shear cliff below

I feel warm and safe

So I move closer

I look above me and see

The brightest star in the sky

It looks at me

And leads me on

I drift closer and rest my feet

Firmly on the ground.

I have reached the edge

Of the deadly cliff

All I see is the star

All i hear is the rythem

The rythem that came

From the trees singing in the wind

I feel as light as a feather

And lean my body over the edge

My arms spread out

But I feel something different

I open my eyes wider

And look at my body

I see only a white cloth on me

Not my night clothes anymore

They have been torn

Into one, and wrapped tightly

Around my body

As a new dress

A circle of light

Sparkles lightly around me

Lifting me above the ground

My arms are still spread.

I look and concentrate

On the star above

The wind picks up speed

And I feel safer than ever

But I awaken

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thats a dream i had as you might of guessed already. I loved that feeling, no rush but everything calm.

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Daughter of Flame

Book 1

I've seen you.

I've not Heard you.

I've got no God.

I am The Acolyte of Hell.

You are my prey.

You Shall be what I say.

You Have very little choice.

You will love us.

Your Family awaits your return.

Your life awaits its turn.

You’re my Daughter.

Daughter of Flame!


Burn the House.

Burn the Love.

Burn the Goodness out of you!

Take up our Robe.

Take up that Life.

Take up your Flame and

     Burn what you want!

Dance with those flames

Dance the dance of Hells Fire.

Dance to me.

  Dance to your new LIFE!






It shall be so.

It is your Life.

It's my Desire to be so.

To see you Dance.

  Dance ... Dance.

With my Flame

My Flame of Souls.

  Dance ... Dance ... Dance ... Dance

  With My Flame...

Dance... with my Fire!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was my best freand Dream that I took and formated it into what it is to day.

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It's wonderful the things achieved

While sound asleep in bed!

The dramas, comedies and schemes

Fulfilled inside your head...

Go to grand balls where you dance

The waltz, foxtrot and rumba,

And all the while this exercise

You're doing while you slumber.

It's amazing all the places you

Can visit while you're snoring!

Can sail an ocean in a yacht,

Tie up at any mooring.

Yet, as you struggle in the wind

To hoist the sail alone,

Tired feet aching, cold and wet...

You're warm and dry and prone!

It's truly great the things you see

With eyelids closed up tight!

Fields of flowers, trees flecked with sun,

Bright days that fill your night.

Can swim a river, catch a ball,

Or climb a rocky hill,

Or run a marathon and win...

And yet you're lying still!

Surprising what you can become

Without a thought or care!

A queen whose word is law,or else

A bankrupt in despair.

Reach to the heights, or plumb the depths,

Be hero of a team.

Oh, what a range of lives we live

At night-time when we dream!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have very vivid dreams most nights.

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I look into your eyes

I saw whimsical

I saw irradiating

A Uncontrollable, Mesmerizing lost world

Spilling into beautiful pools of life

Flooding sensuality

Sparked my life


Drunk off an angels spirit

I felt as so many

I became one of the few

Mingled with space    

I twisted time


Cradled under the arms of the galaxy

Thrown out into a dream

Born with existence

Captured in a single breath

Dissipate to nothing

I became nothing

Sweet nothing

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The moment slumber gives way to the beckoning embrace of heavens light, I cry to thee;


Do not rob me of my enchanted dreams!

Leave me in my tranquil moments of midnight bliss, where divine pleasures hold me intensely with my imagined lovers kiss.

Lift not these swollen comforters from my eyes to gaze upon a day that holds for me only empty moments, empty arms,

and an empty heart.

Allow me to stay just a moment longer within my nocturnal utopia, where I am free to dance and sing to the rhythmn of

my own inner drummer.

Where, in passionate moments of a twilight tryst my heart and my arms do hold a copious harvest born from the seeds I have sown, through the fields of my own insatiable imagination.

Copyright : 1996

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In our dreams

We find many things

Hopes of what

Tomorrow will bring

Past lives

Lovers lost

We always yearn

Yet our bodies are on pause


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Don't want you to lead

Don't want you to follow

Just want you by my side

For all our tomorrows


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"Dream Before the Slumber"

by Jeph Johnson

(the final poem of 2001) 


she said
I should jot down
recalled from my dream
before the slumber
when I woke up
the morning before
new year's eve
the year we met
in my chair
soaken wet
with tears


groggy and grabbing
the easy-flow pen
she'd presented me
for such endeavors
I wrote
while I rode
in my mind
her roller coaster curves
and loops of elation,
and summits of despair,
and plummets of masturbation
and her long long strands of hair
I wanted to stay dreaming
but wanted to slow down,
watching with awe
above this cold and rainy town.
the blinds were thrown wide
open in my dream
to more urban noise
chugging back and forth
at night
to the heart of the city
via these capillaries
but not this eve
of the year we met
she even smells happy
and smiles like a violet
while her eyes explode
into a dark forbidden place
illuminating heaven
with a spotlight
it's almost again
the rush hour
please, more visual stimulation
more garbage pails
at rush hour
where blasting eyes are blinded
in the commute
by sunlight through the clouds
where accidents
on the westside
over breakfast
and on the eastside
during dinner
continue even now
I find I've flown completely
off the track
and looking back
I see from beyond the clouds
the voodoo doll map
on my wall
where we kept sticking
pins and buttons in
there's supposed to be
some silver lining
but this sun keeps projecting
a cursed golden shiny
matinee idol hue
not preferred around
your neck as a noose
or perfumed around
my neck like a bruise
strangling contentment
shackled to my wrists
hindered happiness
between the face of fulfillment,
gratification grinds to a halt,
sanctioning satisfaction and serenity
while taking bliss to the brink
it's my fault my dream continues
after the slumber
while my easy-flow pen
runs out of ink
before the clock strikes midnight
it remains groggy and unclear
I still have more to write
but it will be written next year

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Twilla, 2001 

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