As I sit gazing into

the bright crimson, and tangerine,  

of the flames.

I feel its warmth its strength.

Bordered by the blue gray assorted stones,

stolen from the murky waters edge.

To encircle the fire and hold it bound.

I am carried back through time

on the eagle’s wings to a place,

I do not know,

but I feel as if I have come home.

  The faces, the smiles,  

the sights are all familiar,

as well as the smells

of the fresh kill

slowly roasting on the spit.

It’s tangy juices,

Provoking the fire to life.

The color of the leaves,

the textures of the fabrics

are not new to me at all.

When was I here?

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Little messages

Very vague

Fast images

Hidden memories




Trying to tell me

Trying to help me

It’s a puzzle

Do I have all the pieces?

Help me

to put it all together

Solve the secrets

and riddles

of this puzzle

or must I

forever be caught up

in this blurry prison

of clues?

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Long I Dreamt Of You Dreaming

When I woke up all those ages ago

I was hungry

For your smile

For your skin and heart your soul and love

Fill my memories

From long slumbers

When we find eachother's arms after

Our next long

Sleep apart

Our arms will still fit and our skinscent

Will sweetly

Remind us

Of all the good reasons

For our rejoiced


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I remember you -

       I've met you once before;

You came to me in a dream

       with a feeling I couldn't ignore.

I remember you -

       You showed me how to smile;

And after you were done

       you sang "I'll be back after while"

I remember you -

       You made me feel renewed

You brought me laughter easily

       and chased away my blues.

Do you remember me?

       We met once in my dream.

You said I'd find you when it's right,

       and then you'd never leave.

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When I dream a dream alone, I dream that I'm a


Of floating freely, without a care above the grounded


Sometimes as low as densest fog, sometimes as high as


Sometimes as big as elephants in imagination's


Sometimes as quiet as thinnest souls when sunrise is


Or laughing hearty thunderclaps as I cover up the


When I dream a dream sometimes a mountain I


And I listen to the crashing waves as against my feet they


Like my crown, a lighthouse shines out into the


And bobbing ships warily drift in awe and fear of


Sometimes as serene as silent thoughts while my snowcaps glisten like


Sometimes I scream in volcanic rage and cover up your


When I dream a dream alone I dream that I'm the


And run along gold painted hills to make the grasses


Carefree I make the windmills turn, and make the sailboats


Sometimes in summer's humid mood, I make the tortured


Sometimes as gentle as butterflies I light across your


Sometimes as the very finger of God, I descend...

Violent Wind.

When I dream a dream alone, mute passions become


So look at me in wonderment, and know that I'm a


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for anyone who has taken a nap under warm summer skies and just dreamt.

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Dream In A Coma...

a picture of us

in an unfamiliar age

i stood there and watched you dance

wearing a crown of flowers

and a royal dress

although i knew you werent

a princess

you were my own

the trees were the color

of smooth glowing flame

four angels our guardians

stood there in harmony

with that beautiful day

if there ever was

an eighth day of creation

it was that day

the day blessed and christened

by the goodness of our fate

but the coming of the sun

burns that picture

the morning slashes the wrist

of that heavenly sensation

of that experience


you didnt tell me your name

you didnt speak to me

i know you loved and cared for me

but now i am awake

and now i am empty

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Where 2 Go From Here?

Where 2 go from here?

Where did I go wrong

We had something special

If only you could've surrender 2 it, 2 love

Can't we patch things up 2 the way it use 2 be?

Even better than before

Do you think we can do this or do it?

Start all over, and make thing even better.

Rock me gently in your arms

Whisper softly my name

While I run my fingers over your body like I use 2

Take away this pain

Say that's where I'll remain

Could I ask you 2 think it over, take your time no rush

Once more have all that we can

Rocking me gently in your arms

And it keeps away the lonely nights.

When I look into your eyes

Then I've realized

That all I need is you in my life

Life don't mean a thing

Not a happy song to sing

Life seem so empty without you

And I mail you 'most everyday

Try 2 call you day by day

With a prayer in my heart and soul

2 be reunited and once again be whole

The way it's suppose 2 B

Written By The wolfman on 09/02/2001 at 2:20PM

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dreams and visions

my soul

           dreams and visions


I see beyond the shadows of the trees
A vision appears as if from a dream
Golden sunlight shines down on his face
Such a vision hidden in such a place

A bolt of lightning streaks across the sky
Moreover, he has gone with a blink of my eye
I see his shadow hiding amidst the trees
What is his fear? Is it love or is it I?

Hidden deep in the woods among the wild
His vision captured me like the smile of a child
I take a step closer and I see him tense
I wonder what hurt caused him such pain

I reach out and softly touch his skin
As I wonder, will his trust I ever win?
He turns from me and walks away
Fades back into the trees as if in a dream



"I still wonder if he ever learned to trust"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was a dream

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"Dreams of Heaven"

by Jeph Johnson


roll me out of bed
before the alarm sounds
without a stigma
attached too profound
nearly Nirvana,
almost anxious,
suddenly Shangra-La
this daily trauma,
supposed to take this
after all I saw?
a dream holds on
even after
consciousness emerges
I've seen the dawning
of what haunts
my very best urges
responses to Heaven
seem almost agnostic
taunting contentions
Christians and skeptics
and my mind
explodes again
worrying whether
blurs forever
needs a slap
and yet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 2000 

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