Subtle premonitions,

Reflections in the mind

reveal passions of the soul

and shiver through the spine,

Aimless masterpieces

of unfound love....


within the depths

of dreams entwined,

Shadows of things...

to come,

Visions of what is next,


back down a road

of a past...

we cannot change,

And yet...

we find more than a miracle,

And touch...

those simple smiles

that some spend a lifetime searching for,

Could it be...

that we've grown wise

in the finding

of what meets between our eyes ?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written By:
B.E. Whitehorn,
Sarah Carter &
Valerie Jochum

This was fun to write as the three of us live in different states.  Interesting trying to get three minds to collaborate and stay on the same subject matter.

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where did you come from?

I see no white horse

alas has my prince finally arrived

no fanfare proceeded

a simply cyber whisper in the night

words, enticing, sweeping me away

adrift a sea of emotion

aboard a ship of passion

setting sail for where... ever your will, may take me

your words embrace me tonight

sheltering me from all harm

I place my happiness in your hands

for right now,   this very moment in time I am yours

you enwreathe my heart with your warmth

fill my being with solace

take me deeper into this web you spin

tell me all the things I long for

wrap me in a cocoon of salvation

talk of passions we'll taste

whisper all the desires you possess

strangers, ..it matters not

rescue me from this pit of loneliness

let me too comfort you

offer a safe harbor for all your nasty thoughts

a test pilot for all your sexual wants

together we'll embark on a journey

we'll fly to the moon and back

reaching heights of desire, only before dreamt

1000 words, endless pleasures, not yet broached

you seduce me in a way I have never known

taking me to all your secret hiding spots

unleashing the fires of your very soul

I feel the magic all around me

intensity, pure and unsophisticated lust

right here, right now, you set me free to fly this eve

to soar like never before, if but for a moment in time

you have solidified my broken wings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have been giving much thought to this new pnenomenon "internet relationships" I have talked to many freinds about their experiences .......and  I myself have had my soul touched ....good, bad, Im undecided but I do know that to be touched by another human is something we all desire isn't?

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Just Dreaming


The look in your eyes tells me what both our bodies know,
resistance is futile.

A friendly embrace communicates hidden longing.
Your beautiful eyes, that I  have waited so long to see,
now causes my heart to seize.

The softness of your hand, no longer imagined,
gently touches my cheek.
I am consumed by the thoughts of your lips on mine.

Face down, I feel the tears run silently along my face.
Your hand lifts my chin and you gaze into my tear-filled eyes,
and kiss away the tears.

Our urgency over comes us and one small kiss becomes
a kiss for a lifetime.

I step away, knees weak, my heart racing.
I've stolen kisses that are not mine to have.

This is forbidden love.

As my heart pounds loudly, I awaken,
once again, just dreaming.

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White Knight

From The Heart

Where is the man, I need in my life

That I have forever been searching for?

As a young girl I knew what I needed

and been waiting ever since.

I don’t think that he really exists

or else he’d have found me by now.

Only in my dreams,

Does he make his presence known?

Are you a figment of my childish imagination?

Or can you be real and take

Me away from this infatuation

Just be the man and take my hand

and pull me close to you.

Where I belong my young heart’s

been yearning for so long.

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Let Me Fly!

Nature Around Us

Let me Fly

Golden sun,

Shine on my upturned face.

West wind,

Blow the tears from my cheeks

and softly ruffle my hair.

Little stars,

Twinkle and smile at me

from the midnight sky.

Light golden glow of the moon,

Guide my path,

so I can find my way.

Oceans breeze,

Cool me, when things get to heated,

Tiny wild flowers,

in the field, calm me with your light scent.

Snow capped mountains,

Give me the strength to carry on.

Eagle's wings,

Give me speed.

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You are one of the Kings preferred.

Chosen from the finest of men.

To serve King and Country

With out even reflection.

You stand by your Sovereign.

No questions do you submit

Only answers do you comprise.

Honorable, Righteous, Gallant.

Shiny armor without a tarnish,

As your reputation is radiant.

Your strength and determination

Serve the Crusade.

So fair of face that the Maidens all blush,

As you ride your proud steed

Through the crowded sunlit square.

Its hooves rhythmically clacking

On the time worn stones.

Drumming up effects of long past.

You glance neither left nor right.

For a straight path you must abide.

From your goal no distraction has command.

Forever driving towards your aspiration,

To complete the quest that was set before you.

The golden Grail,

Whose value is not in its metal

But rather from the secrets

that lie within.

To possess this Grail is

what no man has before you.

Many have tried and failed

Whilst they weren’t worthy

To hold this coveted object

in their glimpse.

But this Grail is for you alone,

For with its power you will be king.

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Someday . . .

We'll play in the snow

Somewhere in the Colorado Rockies

Someday . . .

We'll pick wildflowers

Across an Oklahoma prairie

Someday . . .

We'll dance under the stars

Beside a rocky shoreline

Someday . . .

We'll listen to the rain

On a Texas tin roof

Someday . . .

We'll watch the sunrise

Above an Arizona desert

Someday . . .

We'll hear Cajun music

Down by a Louisiana Bayou

Someday . . .

We'll see the lights

In the heart of New York City

Someday . . .

We'll make love

Beneath a Carolina moon

Someday . . .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for D.W. who has promised to show me the world someday.

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Delusions of a Darkened Nature #1


I smoked myself to sleep
In blood I was knee deep
I never started praying
But now I've started slaying
Look deep into my eyes
Throw off your cute disguise
Look deep into the world
Your just a little girl
And then in my own hand
The force to make a stand
So tomarrows going down
In the abyss I haven't seen
So smile your bloody frown
As I rip out your shattered spleen
And as I walked within my sleep
I had to take a peep
As my souless body creep
To the void they call the deep
Now I stitch into my head
Flows forth a river of red
Runs down my face the falls
I can feel the closing walls
Run to the darkened halls
The halls are growing dim
As darkness takes my limb
The last speck of good I had
The Gods, they must be sad
I never made a stand...
Now I wake up from the dark
I roll and then I spark
My hair is wet and curled
Time to conquer the world..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was actually supposed to be a song at one time I like it, and you can't understand it you probably don't understand anything I write

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"Until Now"

by Jeph Johnson


I had one of those
adolescent wet dreams
just the other night before dawn.  
The kind I've not had
since I learned I could make myself come.  
I was dreaming of you (and your TV).  
And a few cats and a red laser beam.
I was so ashamed.  Not "afraid" per se.
for I not only wished I'd saved my virginity,
but I wished I'd saved
every ounce of semen
from each time
I boldly took out my cock.  
I guess it can build up.
That's why it seeps out
in nocturnal emission.  
My life has been like that,
until now.
only embarrassingly sticky
seeping-out situations.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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