dreams in the rain


close your eyes and hear the rain

every drop just the same.

drift off to sleep to dream a dream

so safe so quite so serene.

your always happy always there under

the sun with out a care.

in your dreams the rain will fall

but not on you not at all.

the breeze will blow the trees will

bend but you are shieded from the wind.

and when you awake you will find the

thunder is gone from the sky.

and all is right and all is fine and the

storm was just a dream you had last night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for all of our good dreams!!.4/16/02

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Melted Wings Don't Fly

When I was young they gave warning

Not to let my wings carry me so high

But I felt the yearning

And the great desire to fly.

So I decided not to take heed

And I blocked out what they said

So I fell with tremendous speed

And I'm lucky I'm not dead.

It was so tempting it had to be done

The most foolish of all things

I just had to feel the beauty of the sun  

And I forgot about the wax in my wings.

My wings lay melted around me

And the hot wax has left me a scar

My feet now further my journey

I know not to where or how far.

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2002 Poetry

I dreamed of a castle

Huge and wide

With armored guards

Surrounding it by

In front of it is a paradise

Breath-taking greeneries

Stinging deeply inside

I treaded around

On this carnal occasion

Almost unwilling

To have so many blinking

And then all of a sudden

A call was echoing

A maddening voice

Becoming determined

When I opened my eyes

It was then that I realized

It was already past nine

Time for me to get a kick

Off this annoying certainty

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Your Thoughts

       I'm Sitting In My Chair & Pause,

       How Each Reaction Has A Cause.

       Sometimes It Seems The Things You Do,

       Are Pre-Arranged & Planned For You.

       You Just Let Nature Take It's Course,

       But Hold On Tight, It Packs Much Force.

       Sometimes The The Way That Things End Up,

       Are Shattered Like A Porcelian Cup.

       But You Alone Control Your Fate,

       Just Make Things Right Before Too Late.

       Drink In Your Thoughts, Your Dreams, Your Fears,

       And Pour Them Out To Those Who Care.

       In Years From Now As You Will Wonder,

       If You Did Right Or Made A Blunder.

       You Want To Know Without A Doubt,

       The Things You Did Were Well Thought Out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a few thoughts that ran through my head that I jotted down.

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           This Morning I Was Fast Asleep,

           While In My Head My Thoughts Did Creep.

           Then I Heard My Phone, It Rang.

           The Voice That Spoke To Me It Sang.

           She Spoke To Me And Told Me Hi,

           She Shot My Heart Into The Sky.

           Even Though She Woke Me Up,

           I Felt So Playful, Like A Pup.

           She Always Asks Me How I Am,

           Her Voice As Gentle As A Lamb.

           She Told Me That She Had No Rest,

           I Know She Needs It, She Is Stressed.

           I Want To Know That She's Ok,

           Even Though To Me She'll Say.

           I Just Need A Little Sleep,

           I Want Her In My Arms To Keep.

           Each Night Before I Go To Bed,

           I Have Her Voice Inside My Head.

           She's Lying In My Arms Asleep,

           And We Are In True Love, So Deep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was awoken from my sleep this moring and this is what entered my head.

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A place I call my own

Follow me to this world of mine

dark and lonely, easy to shine.

With no hurry, so little time

so many words, few to fine.

As you enter the light, my mind goes blank

speachless with words my mind cant make

like a shadow above to cover my thoughts

my head seems crowded, empty and lost.

But up here im free and everyones gay

they lighten your head, with words that they say

full of themselves.....with no one to take that away.

There smiles are forever and may never fade.

Way up here im not lonley

im in control and everything seems phony.

Way up here im free

loving life the way it should be.

The only danger is that this is not me....no this is not me.

Someday this world of mine may be for real.

Someday life may change and we will be healed.

Maybe the begining of something new

and the end of now.

Starting all over

standing on new ground.

Follow me to this word of mine

with a chance to start all over

with a chance to shine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes we just need to get away.....other times we just need to be free.....this is one of those moments where everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong...if I could take you with me you would see.....you would enjoy the one time moment of being free.....follow me......!

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Let Me Sleep

Let me sleep, my darling, let me sleep,

Your hand in mine will I keep.

Let me sleep, my darling, through the night,

So I can wake up and you'll be all right.

Let me sleep, my darling, let me sleep,

Let your healing wings take their very first leap.

Let me sleep, my darling, do your best,

Because insomnia is contagious and we all need our rest.

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What can I do now?

                     What can I do now?

                     "Make yourself a cup of tea!"

                     - - - Surprising  sound of silence!

                     Source of abundance opens

                     no question left unanswered.

                     What can I do now?

                     Stay cool - observe wishful dreams

                     before been kicked out.

                     Being will take over soon

                     leaving ash of self behind.

                     What can I do now?

                     Watch the rain - breath deep - listen

                     sound of drumming drops.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first three lines of the first Tanka,
                    were written in 1957 as a Haiku.

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Where's my benefits

Where'e my big break

I had this hope of being big

It was all a dream

A total crock

Don't feed the greed

or help the burning desires

Dreaming will always occur

But will it ever come true?

When can I cash in

How much more must I wait

Impatience builds up in side me

I have the chips but can I get the chance to cash them in

Don't feed the greed

or help the burning desires

Dreaming will always occur

But will it ever come true?

Utilizing the talents

Giving them their fuel

But when can I use them

When will it all work out

Sometimes I tend to shout

Let out a wail or two

I'm frustrated

Can't you see

Don't feed the greed

or help the burning desires

Dreaming will always occur

But will it ever come true

I wonder if it'll happen

Only time will tell

If not , what dream is next

Only time will tell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You won't be famous, you won't be rich, so stop letting the world bullshit you

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