On your eyes

The lines of your eyes show laughter, surprise and

for all these emotions you look

As a dove in the rain, you rest in my brain and

your elegence shines by the book.

The touch I do miss is the touch of your kiss for

the shape of your mouth is my dream,

I wake to your voice not really by choice but

to me very real does it seem.

Give me your vow, that a long time from now

my heart will be safe in your stay,

For it lay in an eden, sent madly to Sweden and

I feel very 'lone when 'tis 'way.

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I close my eyes and I sail away

On the bluest of seas

The waves moving me....my body swaying

Hearing faint echos in my head

Laughter and song surround me

As my dream comes alive

Im floating high above the beauty of the trees

Reaching out touching the fluffy white clouds

Slumber takes me deeper, releasing my soul

Peace is all around me

I swim with the dolphins

They show me the beauty of the sea beneath

I race with the killer whales

Full of strength, power, and I'm in awe

Devotion to one another so rarely shared

In my dreams I am home

I frolick with the manatee

The gentle giant of the coast

So peaceful, so unthreatening

Angels of the water they truly are

Seals chase me in a game of tag

All are welcomed, so friendly are they

Heaven has opened its doors and here I am

Adrift my dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

DREAMS to live a life without them is a glum affair

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Idle spring

Idle fancy spring

must never come in fall,

for that which is,

and that which not,

meet far and in between.

Upon the hill

there sits a man,

who dreams of never waking,

but knows that life

is all around,

and never stops

for one so small,

who's life is never ending.

Life is long

my friend,

but glipmsed

in short durations,

for life and dreams

are one and the same,

but never should they mingle

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Subtle premonitions,

Reflections in the mind

reveal passions of the soul

and shiver through the spine,

Aimless masterpieces

of unfound love....


within the depths

of dreams entwined,

Shadows of things...

to come,

Visions of what is next,


back down a road

of a past...

we cannot change,

And yet...

we find more than a miracle,

And touch...

those simple smiles

that some spend a lifetime searching for,

Could it be...

that we've grown wise

in the finding

of what meets between our eyes ?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written By:
B.E. Whitehorn,
Sarah Carter &
Valerie Jochum

This was fun to write as the three of us live in different states.  Interesting trying to get three minds to collaborate and stay on the same subject matter.

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where did you come from?

I see no white horse

alas has my prince finally arrived

no fanfare proceeded

a simply cyber whisper in the night

words, enticing, sweeping me away

adrift a sea of emotion

aboard a ship of passion

setting sail for where... ever your will, may take me

your words embrace me tonight

sheltering me from all harm

I place my happiness in your hands

for right now,   this very moment in time I am yours

you enwreathe my heart with your warmth

fill my being with solace

take me deeper into this web you spin

tell me all the things I long for

wrap me in a cocoon of salvation

talk of passions we'll taste

whisper all the desires you possess

strangers, ..it matters not

rescue me from this pit of loneliness

let me too comfort you

offer a safe harbor for all your nasty thoughts

a test pilot for all your sexual wants

together we'll embark on a journey

we'll fly to the moon and back

reaching heights of desire, only before dreamt

1000 words, endless pleasures, not yet broached

you seduce me in a way I have never known

taking me to all your secret hiding spots

unleashing the fires of your very soul

I feel the magic all around me

intensity, pure and unsophisticated lust

right here, right now, you set me free to fly this eve

to soar like never before, if but for a moment in time

you have solidified my broken wings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have been giving much thought to this new pnenomenon "internet relationships" I have talked to many freinds about their experiences .......and  I myself have had my soul touched ....good, bad, Im undecided but I do know that to be touched by another human is something we all desire isn't?

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The Never Begining Love

Strolling along the waters of darkness and light,

the waters of so many lovers,

and so many heartbreaks.

My head wondered of which I'll be,

A lover?

or a broken heart?

Impulses triggered my lonely hands,

To reach for yours?

or to back into the pockets forever?

For your hands I reached,

Your hands that did not reject,

Yet did not behold.

My heart and soul wonders,

From my head to toe,

Of what your thoughts and what your feelings were.

Towards me of course!

And towards many things,

that I did not understand.

Perhaps it was the time,

Perhaps it was the occasion,

And perhaps it was just you.

That caused the inhibitor to remove,

The key to unlock,

And opened the gates to my heart.

Maybe it was me,

Or maybe it was the waters,

And maybe it was just and impulse.

My head swirled,

As the moon and the stars blinked shyly,

as my cheeks burned silently.

Will this ever end?

Unfortunately it did,

On that now empty bench.

Where we sat and stared,

In to nothing that we cared for,

Knowing that any minute will be the end.

Where we thought of nothing,

spoke of nothing,

and felt of nothing.

Was it nothing?

Was it love?

Was it anything?

Was it acceptance?

Was it real?

or Was it only a game?

Now that the chance is over,

I dont know what to think,

Only knowing that I have done right.

To stay as we were,

To be what we were,

To be you and to be me.

To end all thoughts,

I've written this down,

Becomes a closure for our never beginging love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicate to a special guy I know. You are one of a kind.

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Long I Dreamt Of You Dreaming

When I woke up all those ages ago

I was hungry

For your smile

For your skin and heart your soul and love

Fill my memories

From long slumbers

When we find eachother's arms after

Our next long

Sleep apart

Our arms will still fit and our skinscent

Will sweetly

Remind us

Of all the good reasons

For our rejoiced


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Just Dreaming


The look in your eyes tells me what both our bodies know,
resistance is futile.

A friendly embrace communicates hidden longing.
Your beautiful eyes, that I  have waited so long to see,
now causes my heart to seize.

The softness of your hand, no longer imagined,
gently touches my cheek.
I am consumed by the thoughts of your lips on mine.

Face down, I feel the tears run silently along my face.
Your hand lifts my chin and you gaze into my tear-filled eyes,
and kiss away the tears.

Our urgency over comes us and one small kiss becomes
a kiss for a lifetime.

I step away, knees weak, my heart racing.
I've stolen kisses that are not mine to have.

This is forbidden love.

As my heart pounds loudly, I awaken,
once again, just dreaming.

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White Knight

From The Heart

Where is the man, I need in my life

That I have forever been searching for?

As a young girl I knew what I needed

and been waiting ever since.

I don’t think that he really exists

or else he’d have found me by now.

Only in my dreams,

Does he make his presence known?

Are you a figment of my childish imagination?

Or can you be real and take

Me away from this infatuation

Just be the man and take my hand

and pull me close to you.

Where I belong my young heart’s

been yearning for so long.

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