You Are the Special One For Me

© by Chuck McGlawn/

To all those lovers, that have found that Special One. 1/26/2003


You are that Special One for me

It's obvious to all who'll see

You satisfy my fantasy dreams

And fulfill all my life's schemes


Our love can surely stand the test

I'm so content when caressed

My body melds so perfectly

With that Special One meant for me


Ecstasy's what I'm perusing

Loving all the things you’re doing

With you my heart beats passionately

'Cause you’re that Special One for me


I think our hearts beat as one

With you everything is fun

It's my hope that you'll agree

You are that Special One for me.

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Undescribable Pleasure

Old Poems

It seems to be the only thing imaginable.

Longing to be held,




Hold me so tight

that fingerprints become

embedded in the skin.

That scent

still on my clothes

long after departure.

The body aching for touch

anticipating every move.

Hands move across the body

so gently,

so passionately.

A delicate kiss

soothes the most savage beast.

The hunger is

too great for words.

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