Life is too rare to be wasted on the nothing.
Why wait, tell me, why not start your adventure now.
Don't wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow is yet to come.
And you don't know what each day will bring.

[Look, and see, the rising sun and the setting dawn.
Look to the rich Fall colors - they only last a season.
Never take for granted the friends around you,
for they are the gift from God.]

Don't wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow is yet to come.
You don't know what tomorrow will bring,
and today is in your hands, so listen here.
Don't wait until tomorrow, for today is a gift.

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In the Hands of Christ

When I was born You rejoiced in my new life.
When I learned to crawl You taught me how to use my knees.
When I learned to walk I said "I don't need Your help!"
and when I fell I said will You forgive me?

This is how I grew
through trying, and failing too.
I've into the man you see,
and I believe...

When I started to run away You chased after me.
When I only wanted to hate it was Your love that made me see.
Then I tried to end it all one night,
but it's thanks to You that I'm alive!

This is how I grew
through trying, and failing too.
I've into the man you see,
and I believe...
I'm still alive tonight
still learning wrong from right,
but worry not, for I'm okay.
I'm in the hands of Christ!

When I get old and gray You'll be the same You are today.
When I fall once again. I probably won't know what to say,
but when you look at me it will make me see
that there's power when Im on my knees!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This just came to me. I don't know what i think of it yet. Feel free to tell me what you think.

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A Sonnet for Good Friday

A day of wrath fully deserved by me
The day righteousness demands sacrifice
Blood must spill for transgressions are many
Not the least the sins by my flesh enticed
Those hours of anguish befit my crime
Beheld by Christ my salvation secured
Atonement came in Yahweh’s blessed time
By Jesus propitiation secured
And long anticipated hope at last
Holds promise of joy in that day of grief
A day of grace to break the riddle’s fast
When sinners receive merciful reprieve
For an answer of Godly love we cried
Found when sinners are at last justified

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"Not Jacob"

by Jeph Johnson


If predestination
is providentially dictated,
God loves you
and it's me He's hated.
Like Esau;
a see-saw,
back and forth.
He chose those
He knew would
choose Him,
of course.
And He knew me not
though I loved Him.
I knew Him not;
I desired sin.
Do you still find it odd
why I blame God
for His foreknowledge
of who He would prod
into Heaven?
For the grace from which I fell
that's sending me to Hell
was not graciously
but gracefully compelled leaven.
Why would He elect
then fail to protect
an irresistible decision
not to defect?
Perhaps my freewill
is deprived by depravity still
or are the limits on atonement
finally filled?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Ugonna Wachuku    


Nothing else but you moves
my soul through life and
clouds of beauty and joy.


When the story of my life
is told, let your hand of
the spirit remember my
yearning soul.


Let your song of the spirit
build torches of hope and
kindness to light the path
which others like me will


Let your beauty and love
awaken hidden gifts and
treasures in my life.   


And when all the sheaves
are brought in, let humanity
know that the greatest gift
you gave me was, is and will
ever be the awakening of my
deepest soul for the march
through heaven's gate. All
the way to calvary, you
awakened eternity for my


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