Eagle's Wings




I looked o'er the horizon...

and as rolling waves went crashing up
against the shoreline rocks all the while
frantic questions rise and flow
just like the tide - I don't know
where the endless worries end
and where begins the way I truly am...


I'm as worn as the sand...


Each day the ocean weighs
another burden that will move me -
I need to reach another place
away from all the sorrow

and away from all the pain.

So let it be today I cast no furtive glances.

I'll take my chances, holding faith,
for God will watch me well -
and as those turbid waters rage and swell
I will stand strong, and I will stand
yes I will stand
by God's hidden hand

I'll hold my own against the tide
and be lifted up by wings of eagles.


In naught but Christ, I find my safety

from the weight that seeks to bear me under.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

For me, and anyone else there with bleeding hearts, broken minds, and daily worries. Jesus said not to worry about each day (let each day worry about itself) for God watches even the lowly little sparrow. Seek God's kingdom and righteousness, and you will be provided for. (Matthew 6:25-34)  Incidentally, I came across this verse just after having written this poem:


but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)


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6:00 AM and nothing to do but write,
so I will write.
I thought of you last night.
Your face glided passed my consciousness like a ghost,
Like a breeze that appears to have no source;
So were my remembrances of you.

I was your angel of light
Your knight in shining armor.
But I was deceived;
I was betrayed by my self-love
To trade my light for darkness
And my armor grew rust.

I could no longer protect you
Not even from myself
And so you left me
To die a death without you
To kill any hope of restoring my soul.

So I wandered
Further and further away
Until I grew homesick
I missed you
For home is where the heart is.
But although I wanted you back
I saw us for who we were
And the pieces of the puzzle didn’t seem to fit

So I went home
To find my Father waiting for me
He didn’t say “I told you so”
Instead, the only time I ever saw him run
Was when He ran for me
The only time I saw Him cry
Were tears of joy when I returned
He cried “This is my son! This is my boy!”
The only time I saw Him die, was when He paid my debt in full.
So tell me, whom do I love more?
Because I love Him, I love you also
For you are His as well
And I still love you,
But more than I ever have before.
May it always be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stayed up all night last night.... and had nothing to do. So I sat down and wrote this. Enjoy!

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Marbled Waves and Moonlit Shores


Marbled waves wash upon moonlit Michigan shores,
an infinite line between two subtle edges.

And as a single star marks the night sky
silouetting dark evergreens,
the many frogs in rhythmic chorus
the waterfowl from across the lake.

Looking at this dim yellow-blue horizon,
the sun going down quietly
and as night begins to fall,
I yearn for deeper, better things.
I yearn for God.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Michigan. As I stood upon the shoreline of a small lake, I watched the yellow-blue sunset.

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The Right Magic

Heavy text by sorcerers with hand held on their sigil --
say they speak with spirits lost to man by pike and pit.
By voice of sky, they are advised, and ritualize their pleadings,
while burning down the temples housed by neanderthals withstood.
They call afoul the mortal magics held by lesser louts,
and when their voices cloud and gather, soothe their every doubt.
If by temptuous they'll not see, dispatch them all through suffering,
and set them tied, exemplified, and string them from the oaks.
Dare they not in whispered hush, lip their arcane verse
while we try to exorcise their prime and feral natures.
Their spells of falling ice and fire, commands of risen dead:
simple jokes by stupid things who worship baseless idols.
And when they cry, their many gods will sit in numbing silence,
whilst man on Earth who've heard good word will wrest from them their woes.

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Lord, Take Tomorrow


I look today to an old friend
in these times of great burden,
penitent, I hope to mend
our broken fellowship.

I miss those times of golden yesterday
with days of work and play
and no difference between them
my life, an adventure.

I look to God as my much-needed Savior,
but how often a friend?
My Father?
My Lord?
My God?

I remember the times of just yesterday,
God hears me pray -
"Help me make today right,
come find again my heart,
and, Lord, take tomorrow."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A prayer for the moment I was in. God answers prayers.

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Love Never Fails


What is love?

Love is obedience.
Love is "givenness" to another.
Love is sacrifice.
Love is hearing.
Love is listening.
Love is searching.
And love is found.

Love is quiet wistfulness,
a peace when one is near a friend.

Love is fierce selflessness,
a resolve to give one's life.

Love is resolute patience,
in trying times of another's selfishness.

Love is sometimes "tough love,"
but it never seeks anything but good.

Love is hard to give and hard to find,
but both pursuits are worthwhile.

And love is often overlooked or not appreciated,
but love should not cease.
Love ought to endure forever.

True love is pure gold,
and most of us only possess the alloy,
the impure, incomplete.

And God's Word says this,
that "love is patient, love is kind.
it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with truth.
it always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.
Love never fails..."

Perhaps it is we, who fail to love?
Because if God is love, then love is divine.

And we can only love this fully
by the power of God.

In all honesty...

Listen. Look inwardly, and just listen very carefully. And look intently at who you are, look deeply into yourself - beyond what is superficial, beyond what is obvious and take account of what lies beyond that. Your soul.

Are you doing well? Are you hurting? Is their bitterness at God, or at a friend, or even an enemy? Are you really okay, right now, and could you be content if this moment was your very last on this earth?

If you see something you don’t like (and this will come to be), then you have a human condition known as brokenness, and you are in good company. Well, “good” would be perhaps the wrong way to put it - we are very bad at being “good” to each other and to ourselves and to God. Often, we fail at this. The room gets dark, moods go south, and ever so deeply we know that something isn’t right. We sin - we step out of light into darkness, we walk from life to death, our words do not bless but rather curse.

So, what is the meaning of it all, that somethings be judged as sinful, and others anything but? How can there be such a Law without a Lawgiver? Jump off a cliff, and by gravity you will fall to your death; and so does the sum of our curse words, our jealousies and hate, and our many other damaging ways lead to no other end than death. That’s a serious claim, but really think about it. Search your heart. Do you feel the need to be changed, the need to be delivered?

So listen. Really try, and pray to God you see clearly - God’s on your side, and wants to help you. In fact, He’s got an answer for these problems - Jesus Christ died so you won’t face death (I’m not talking about a physical death). We need to learn to humbly take Jesus Christ as Lord (as Master, for whom our life is given to) and Savior (as the one who atones for our sins by himself dying, though we ourselves should feel the consequence).

I know this isn’t popular or pleasant to hear. But I care enough about you that I want you to know it. This is the Good News of the Christians, that you find new life and are in fact a new man, not doomed to the weightiness of death. Though the entire world run against you, will you trust Jesus Christ to have conquered death? And do you want more than a mission to live on earth and make gains, only to lose them when you die? Are you willing to accept the adoption into God’s family? Are you okay with God being with you everyday to encourage you, His indwelling Spirit living in you?

I’m telling you, as one who struggles with life many days, its worth everything to me.

Wake Me Up


Quiet responsibilities and yearnings
deep in thought with questions burning
with the heat of desire, a mind to inquire
and find what is true
and after that, to do.

and find life, fire, fuel
for a spent soul, spending life
on countless novelties,
the frailties of a broken
state of being.

so content with the incomplete,
and start to seek that which is truth -
don't be so satisfied with the answer that satisfies
be satisfied with the answer of truth.

the path to life is not the path of lies
so, please, don't tell yourself so easily
that there is nothing wrong.

My soul sings... Jesus, I love you still
in spite of my wanderings
and you walk me closer home each day.

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Perhaps... the heart aspires beyond its ability to attain
noble intentions, found false for wayward gain
pain inflicted on part of hate
and love lost to cowardly silence -
perhaps we all need a divine hand
to save us from humanity.

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