La Mort

Light and Dark

Night of a life
The end of the day
Death, Rot, Decay
We all fear it
We all sense it
The end
La mort
Au revoir

We fear the dark
But why?
We are not of the dark
We are not subjects to it
We do not answer to it's call

For death is darkness a little while
And then light
Then, and only then do we shine our brightest
The lights of our lives
Whether dark or light
And they shine to inspire or drive away others
So then I say
Do not fear the dark
For the darkness shows the stars

In grace and Shame


If we open our eyes, is it to the glory beyond,
do we shed this flesh for the world to come,
and if we dream do we dream forever or for a time,
if we should close our eyes, do we dream in grace or die in shame

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All It Would Take

So easy to just let go... To simply stop the pain and disappear.
One moment of courage, for once in my life.
That's all it would take.
So tempting to simply give it up... No more fighting, no more struggle.
One strong impulse, just one last time.
That's all it would take.
If only I knew what awaited after the journey.
Could I have been wrong about the emptiness?
Could there be a Hell, to punish my sins,
or a Heaven, to reward my good deeds?
Maybe there is a loving creature somewhere beyond,
just waiting to comfort me, to soothe my pain after the end...
That's all it would take.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just what came as I wrote. Not really a poem, but I thought I would post it anyway.

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The Rope Swing

I watched as the rope swing swung and children laughed-
an interloper I- but yet I stayed
and watched for hours from the bench- they thought me daft
to waste a sunny day tucked in the shade.
But this bench for me became a small life raft
that saved me as the day began to fade.
For life, as days like this, to quickly end,
when bodies rest and souls alone must wend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments are greatly appreciated... Thank you for reading.

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Yea I'm... back again with another rap in tack ; here to kill these lame fucks with some murderess flashbacks ; so let me remind who I am ; mr. lyrical suspend ; that Maniac with the pen ; to offend them lessened haters who don't seem to listen ; who stay bitchin and don't learn there lesson ; cuz it's this the type of urge they lackin ; so they slackin ; & start stacking all that garbage that they spit ; not realizing that every word that comes out there mouth is whack shit dam.. ; an ounce of lyricism is enough get ur bags pack ; cuz all I gotta do is mention ur name to kill u in one track ; that mystery slaughter niqqa best known as the zodiac ; & im here to stay with no intensions to leave ; this that murder word play homie ; get ready for ur ears to bleed ; as i alternate my struggles infuriated by troubles ; only focus on my morals & standards that which I live by ; & it seems making money is da only way to get by ; tryna get into the game while dieing for my new high ; can't even express an emotion cuz my eyes lost the will the cry ; like they dgaf anymore to waste there time factoring in the pain of this life ; & i guess my hand took that role cuz my pen starts to empty out as I write ; as i strife & unite all da words that's insight ; & as I continue to fight u see the dead rising jus to pray & regain there faith into the light ; cuz they jus saw me bring hip-hop back from the after life..


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Death In A Dream


In death in dreams
is this what it seems
thoughts of the locust
gathering for the marriage
is this what it seems
the death of a dream
the dream of a death
in life and in dreams
is death what it seems.

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He Is There

Some nights are cold, some days are dark,
Some are more than I can bare.
But it's not so bad, not so scary,
knowing he is there.

Walking alone down a dusty highway,
the wind rustling through my hair.
Non walk's too long, nor too lonely,
remembering he is there.

There are days I want to give up, end it all,
crying in pain and despair.
But wounds do heal, tears do dry,
because he is there.

A lifetime of joy, a lifetime of memories,
a life beyond compare.
None of it seems right, none of it seems fair,
knowing he can never be there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about my would-be brother, who was miscarried and never made it into the world.

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