Death Of A Loved One



Loved ones

stay with you after death;


They continue to live

on in your heart and soul.

They continue to haunt

your memories and dreams.


My father passed on

17 years ago

but still makes cameos

& guest spots in my dreams 

from time to time


and amazingly,

after all these years,

he’s still calling me “Dumbass”

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Light in Your Eyes

The light in your eyes

are diming out slowly.

The color and life in your eyes

were once so bright and full

of life and happiness

for the future.

Your happiness and love for

people and animals rang

true clear to your

heart and soul.

But the light and happiness dim

more as each day passes by.

The color fading as you

begin to slip further

and further away.

The light and color are no longer

in your eyes, for you

have just passed away. Leaving

your body and taking your

soul with you to

meet our maker.

The light in your eyes may be

gone now, but the light,

love, happiness for people

and animals live on in

those whom were closest

to you.

May you rest in peace where

ever you may be going,

knowing that we all loved,

admired, and cared for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is short, live it to the fullest as you never know when your life may end.

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The Strange Photograph

I saw something strange

Lying on the table.

I became curious about it.

What could it be?

I went to the table

And I saw a picture.


I saw a smile

As fair as a rose.

The hair was braided

Just like mine

Its colour was as gold as the sun at noon

The eyes were just like mine

Its colour was blue as the vast ocean

The eyes were glittering

With affection for someone dear.


Our gaze met

I was dazed.

It was quite different from my real world

I was holding hands with someone

And running about merrily

As a carefree girl.


The next moment

The person whom I was holding hands with

All of a sudden had left me.


Soon I was back to somewhere familiar

I was standing in my room.


Yes,it was true.

She really had left me

She would never ever come back.


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Your loss leaves me voiceless

Moody & loss

Your loss leaves me voiceless
But to paper I turned to express
My support to you and your family
I am oh so sorry...

The void that is left
By one gone before us
Beyond death's cleft
In such untimely fashion
That it tears our souls apart
Leaving our lives ashen
And a twisted broken mess
With many a bleeding heart
Is not something easily filled.

For now, to each his grief,
With time, fences are built,
Made of happy memories,
Fond remembrances,
Overcome trials,
Funny mischief,
Antics and lilt,
Flashes of radiant smiles,
Habits and melancholy.

I understand she was lost and in doubt
At those times it is very hard to see
For both the one in the dark seeking the light
And those carrying the light to sustain her about
Whether anyone is aware of it or not sadly
Guilt and blame are crazed pitfalls to turn to
If you let them entice you, get power over you
In turn you would fall in the blacket night.

To those that remain behind
I can only say use your mind
Recall the happy times
Celebrate what she was
Do not bury her in your grief
Do not let the pain push her away
For by hiding her you would lose her again.
Her memory you should cherish and sustain
For your Easter is always but a step away
However long your life, it is but a brief
and strange singsong... enjoy the chimes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Bob and his family.

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He Is There

Some nights are cold, some days are dark,
Some are more than I can bare.
But it's not so bad, not so scary,
knowing he is there.

Walking alone down a dusty highway,
the wind rustling through my hair.
Non walk's too long, nor too lonely,
remembering he is there.

There are days I want to give up, end it all,
crying in pain and despair.
But wounds do heal, tears do dry,
because he is there.

A lifetime of joy, a lifetime of memories,
a life beyond compare.
None of it seems right, none of it seems fair,
knowing he can never be there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about my would-be brother, who was miscarried and never made it into the world.

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Everyday thoughts of you

Swamp my every thought

As I do these loads of laundry

As I wash pans and pots


I think about our good times

And the times we fought

The times we taught each other

And the time we shared that cot


I go through our memories

Just as I would a scrap book

The pictures in my mind

Are the ones at which I look


I look at our children

And how happy they seem

I wonder what at night

Are the dreams that they dream


The secrets they share

And how close they are

They wish you were here

And not so very far


Just like me I realize

I want you to be with me again

I wonder why you were taken

Why did those kids commit that sin


At night I pray to the Lord above

I pray that you come back to me

It has long been and always will be

Your loving face I wish to see


To heaven you have gone

For you the thought of hell

Was clearly out of the picture

You did every thing you tried so well


That makes me wonder

Why you were taken that spring day

When birds sang beautiful choruses

As quietly in my bed I do lay


In my late forties

With a disease I will die from

I wish I would pass on quicker

To you I want to come


I will pass on

And to heaven shall go

But the course will not be easy

It will be extremely painful and slow


Goodbye my love

I am coming to you

The doctor told me the days left

To go are to be few



Written on

June 4, 2000 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a peom I wrote about a fictional woman still in love her man and her saying goodbye.

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