Yea I'm... back again with another rap in tack ; here to kill these lame fucks with some murderess flashbacks ; so let me remind who I am ; mr. lyrical suspend ; that Maniac with the pen ; to offend them lessened haters who don't seem to listen ; who stay bitchin and don't learn there lesson ; cuz it's this the type of urge they lackin ; so they slackin ; & start stacking all that garbage that they spit ; not realizing that every word that comes out there mouth is whack shit dam.. ; an ounce of lyricism is enough get ur bags pack ; cuz all I gotta do is mention ur name to kill u in one track ; that mystery slaughter niqqa best known as the zodiac ; & im here to stay with no intensions to leave ; this that murder word play homie ; get ready for ur ears to bleed ; as i alternate my struggles infuriated by troubles ; only focus on my morals & standards that which I live by ; & it seems making money is da only way to get by ; tryna get into the game while dieing for my new high ; can't even express an emotion cuz my eyes lost the will the cry ; like they dgaf anymore to waste there time factoring in the pain of this life ; & i guess my hand took that role cuz my pen starts to empty out as I write ; as i strife & unite all da words that's insight ; & as I continue to fight u see the dead rising jus to pray & regain there faith into the light ; cuz they jus saw me bring hip-hop back from the after life..


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