"Dear Step-Daddy;"

You saw my fears,
Ignored my tears,
Yet,stared at me with contempt,

You saw my pain,
You caused my pain,
But, somehow you were exempt,

I needed you,
You knew that,
You never even bothered,

I was just a kid,
A helpless boy,
You were supposed to be my father,

You raised your fist,
Bruised my love,
Never made you smile,

They were your sons,
True sons of blood,
I was the bastard child,

You hated me,
You always did,
But wouldnt let me run,

You lost control,
So you had to strike,
Took her life with your gun,

You could have made it right,
But rage blinded you,
When things got tough, you quit,

You killed my mother,
In my clear sight,
Left me holding shit,

Years to come,
I still feel your hold,
With only memories kept,

I will not follow,
Your cowardly path,
Winds of time have washed your steps......Fuck You.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the coward............

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Hell's Whore

Hell's Whore
Mortals are real but pictures lie
Unlike legends people die

In this realm where Demons dwell
Morality is fake and sex sells

Trust is lost
Hearts are bankrupt because love costs

Morbid and fragile are the minds
Drinking their blood as they dine

This soul is not my own
Wandering about looking for a home
I walk this hell all alone

Astral projection
I’ve lost all direction
I have no armor, no protection

This hell has become a bore
I want, I need, so much more
Broken down to the core
This pit has become such an eye sore
I want, I need, to know; I need, to be, so much more

But I am nothing but a whore
Giving myself away until I am no more

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Battered Cry

Battered cry
Tears of anger fly like the rain pelting
Down on my window payne
Splattered driven hard
Suffocating I can't breath

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The Lost Poems

Call me what you will, hate me for my words,
my sinful acts-
Tell them all that I tweak, seek answers in
my dreams, speak with goodness, do evil-
Preaching the doctrine of darkness, a fool
with thoughts that erupt like a volcano,
burning those who listen...
Lunatic on the run, on the prowl, look out
your window, I am at your door-
Welcome me into your dreams my child,
brush your nightmares from your hair...
please let me in your bungalow, my Hollywood
Follow you where ever you go, never leave
you, I will deceive you, receive you with
open arms, only to take your dreams away...
Do not bother locking your doors, the lunatic
will creep in your sleep.
I come with many, us and them, you alone, I
welcome you into my world, many doors of
perception, but you cannot enter-
What you see, how you feel, so real!
Up or down, day or night, fight sleep,
sleeping awake, its a lunatic world with eyes
shut open wide, time slipped away...
Wake-up!! little girl, I am in your bedroom
standing in the corner watching you sleep.
Pale horse I ride into your dreams.
We are the horsemen of the night!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lunatics on the rise...

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The Lost Poems

She took me, loved me,
my flame, she kindled-
Weaken knees, gave her
my heart.
Left in the middle of the
night, swift as a thieve...
Into the darkness she was
Alone with misery, broken
half, no better half-
Devil laughs.
Sadness dried my tears,
only swallow my agony...
My fire is out, spirit with
no wick-
Shallow, secluded, lonely
Gave up love, hope too
find is not true anymore.
Let me die alone...tonight!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She did a number on me...

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Lying Eyes

The Lost Poems

What are you trying to hide? A wide display show the facts,
sinful acts drain your mind-No more lines, a new method
has crystallize...Do not lie, you're on one-
An odyssey that does not have a beginning, deadly can
be its end...Lungs fill with smoke, who said it was chronic?
Old addiction, supporting a bad habit, out of orbit, through
galaxies, into stars I crash, giving birth to my black hole-
Even light cannot escape, entering the 'dark side of the moon'-
Soon I will be reunited with my Lord-
My personal savior is dead! Yesterday's memories stay in
my head, never again will I taste his wine, appetite for
hunger is gone...
No more sweets and candy, or sugar for the nose-
Glass in the new dose, under the fire it sizzles, as the smoke
rises through the tube, clearly showing your sin, inhale, exhale,
Substance abuse or heavy use? New friends have the score,
I adore' mi amor...killing me...I know-
My worries are less, my time is coming, enter a deep slumber,
awaken in the underworld, two-cents is my fee...I can see hell
across the river-
Another lost soul, gave up the hope to live, found emptiness
inside, continued along the path that was not narrow, drowned
my sorrows in poison, no end to this barrel, unlimited drinking,
parking in not available, coffins stay in their tombs...FUCK! I am

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Crystallization is evil....

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The Lost Poems

Deciding my fate; false
identity, entity in doubt-
Every obstacle is a bout,
rounds with no limits,
predictable outcome.
Fist in the air, no
sympathy too spare-
Borrowed love never
Miscommunication signals
only confuse emotions
and stir up feelings-
Opposites may attract;
they can also be deadly
and attack...
Never been a killer or
a rapist; you should tape
"Your highest ecstasy,
thriller in the night I could
Do not take a chance
without knowing the risk...
The step you take forward
might cost you all-
Unstable, eventually, you
will fall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Face of Vanity

The Lost Poems

Sweet as honey, sharp
like a razor-
Her love is warm; like
the heat is also burns,
sometimes in a 3rd
Voice of melody with
an evil harmony-
Full of vanity, thoughts
of insanity-
Murder for money, high
values at stake-
Give or take, she will
get what she wants-
No stone UN-turn, every
pearl on her neck-
Diamonds in the rough;
glamor galore'-
No jewel is too tough,
she will wear them all-
Suicide is an option if
she lost it all-
No trust in men, let

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Vanity kills...

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The Poet Never Known

The Lost Poems

Spoke amongst them
with valor,
his voice many heard...
Presence of authority,
Silence when he spoke-
A toke of peace, lite
many fires,
in Hollywood bungalows,
with little girls, dirty
women, WHORES!!
No fear to criticize;
So critic...
This is my philosophy,
living testimony of
another chance in
Knowledge they saw in
my eyes, confirm with
words that discontent.
Seed of envy are their
pupils, seen through,
heard never listened-
Invited never welcome.
Deny my art, my love
for the spoken
Not like the crowd,
They know, I know,
they are fools!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deny my art, you are a fool!

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