The Lost Poems

Call me what you will, hate me for my words,
my sinful acts-
Tell them all that I tweak, seek answers in
my dreams, speak with goodness, do evil-
Preaching the doctrine of darkness, a fool
with thoughts that erupt like a volcano,
burning those who listen...
Lunatic on the run, on the prowl, look out
your window, I am at your door-
Welcome me into your dreams my child,
brush your nightmares from your hair...
please let me in your bungalow, my Hollywood
Follow you where ever you go, never leave
you, I will deceive you, receive you with
open arms, only to take your dreams away...
Do not bother locking your doors, the lunatic
will creep in your sleep.
I come with many, us and them, you alone, I
welcome you into my world, many doors of
perception, but you cannot enter-
What you see, how you feel, so real!
Up or down, day or night, fight sleep,
sleeping awake, its a lunatic world with eyes
shut open wide, time slipped away...
Wake-up!! little girl, I am in your bedroom
standing in the corner watching you sleep.
Pale horse I ride into your dreams.
We are the horsemen of the night!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lunatics on the rise...

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