My ode entiled,' if your not buying gold and silver right now'

current affairs

If you're not buying Gold and Silver right now,
you're with the paper terrorists.
And to this system you do cow tow
Residents when you should be tourists


Moving your valuables out of reach
Of the pharma, weapons, banking cartel
Who thrive on war and hate peace
Make money from the export of hell


Gold, silver, old copper coin
Gemstones, other things of value
all about to be kneed in the groin
if you don’t have any; your screwed


paper with pretty pictures on
really wont do you very well
Especially when hyperinflation
turns your heaven into hell


shitstorm about to hit the west
a roof will not protect you
when fiat currency’s stressed
your air will be deep blue


governments supposed to protect
the cash worked so hard for
the banking system un-checked
will no doubt leave you all poor


the moral of this story is simple
buy gold, silver and copper to protect
your hard work from swindle
cant steal it from under your bed

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typical reactionary

im pretty sure youre a fascist. if not youre at least conservative enough to think wealth has to do with the shiny luster of a metal. like mortgage swaps werent the problem it was the discretion of capital lending institutions that went unregulated. if you really want to give people sound financial advice give it from your bunker with the door locked.

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what you going to do when?

what you going to do when?
the paper with pretty pictures on
looses all it's value

come on,what you going to do?
when life gets difficult and
when no money to buy food

im lucky enough to have forsight
due to my cousin old mother shipton
tryin to warn before things get tight

the system is being torpedoed
on purpose for maximum fright
one thing capitalism has got to go

cos its so unfair you know
i got some old copper coins to spend
how you dodging the coming torpedoes???????

im not fascist whatsoever
just dont like unnecessary suffering
and about humanity i really do care

what bunker?, nothing to be afraid of
we dont die, a life never ending
will get messy when this gravy train stops