Silver Chimes


My friend borrowed my blue phone

She for me opened a note

You sent me a smiley face

You frowned on the name I made


Recalled we were arguing

All we said were too crazy

You'd pull out Bible verse

I gave you science curse


But you said I should believe

No matter how I would live

It was the very first time

Someone made me feel all right


I learned all weren't fine

I watched it lose its shine

Like the songs out of rhyme

We ended with a sigh


All the memories you left behind

They rung like thunders and silver chimes

They were beautiful flowers though not all

Should have saved it when I saw it would fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"SILVER CHIMES" is a poem about a past relationship and its immediate effect to you.

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Try not interferes with your thought liberated, be free to express that which is important in the world to you, from your unique viewpoint - no one is a rhymed thinker, no one~~A~~