Simple Thoughts
"Wind chimes,
dazzling across the room
sweet sounds of wood
drumming against wood. 
Bamboo shafts,
making soft thuds
float to me,
the soft breeze
picking up
to send me
an epiphany of noise,
a realization of music
played by no one.
the musician who plays me this rhyme,
the symphony 
of the Ocean waves,
crashing onto the beach
played by the rustling,
green leaves
with each tree,
swaying back and forth
in dance.
In step,
waltzing across the dancefloor
of my mind
a orchestra of noise
turned into high tunes,
afternoon desires
grow like blossoming petals;
slow to open.
a sight to see,
smell when finished,
the flower 
of all the sounds surrounding me
this southern Summer Saturday
comes together
to soothe me away
into a lull,
a state of mind
I wish to hold on to,
while I can.
Before Monday."
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Windchimes are wild.

Smiling Again


Whispers of the wind

Papers on my bed

Three hours of my sleep

Lonely words are said


The night is young

I hold my tongue

From telling the truth

Hiding it from you


You always have seen me through

You ask me to go with you

Somewhere I can smile

Away from their sight


It has been a long hard week

Take me now and be real quick

I want to go out and kill this night

I have to get out and smile tonight


Even if we see that menace

I know I'm happy with this

As long as you're with me

All things are like a dream


I'm smiling wide again

Fogetting what happened

I know this is a bit strange

I ask you don't go away


Nobody asks me if I am fine

My friends never bother to ask me that

Nobody like you make me smile wide

They don't know if I fake smiles or I am sad


The night is dying

I can't help laughing

Whenever you're here with me

I forget all those bad things

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Silver Chimes


My friend borrowed my blue phone

She for me opened a note

You sent me a smiley face

You frowned on the name I made


Recalled we were arguing

All we said were too crazy

You'd pull out Bible verse

I gave you science curse


But you said I should believe

No matter how I would live

It was the very first time

Someone made me feel all right


I learned all weren't fine

I watched it lose its shine

Like the songs out of rhyme

We ended with a sigh


All the memories you left behind

They rung like thunders and silver chimes

They were beautiful flowers though not all

Should have saved it when I saw it would fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"SILVER CHIMES" is a poem about a past relationship and its immediate effect to you.

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Fleshy Cage, Controller Of Time



The bite of a puff adder
was to God that ones ladder.
A pork chop filled with
Mad Pig Disease
made a 2nd one mad
as a hatter.

Both were grateful
to be out of body's prison
.. to see the truth
beyond the mind's prism.


To see a killer as the

friend of his victim,

releasing him from the

body cage, takes an

unusually forgiving person.





To smash the gong which hours chimes

or to break a clock controls not time. But God often

lengthens the palm's lifeline or enlarges lives' hourglasses adding luminescent sands sublime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sai Baba: Never harm
a snake or a scorpion
He will harm you only
if ordered to do so by
God. If so ordered there
is nothing one can do
about it.

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