Smiling Again


Whispers of the wind

Papers on my bed

Three hours of my sleep

Lonely words are said


The night is young

I hold my tongue

From telling the truth

Hiding it from you


You always have seen me through

You ask me to go with you

Somewhere I can smile

Away from their sight


It has been a long hard week

Take me now and be real quick

I want to go out and kill this night

I have to get out and smile tonight


Even if we see that menace

I know I'm happy with this

As long as you're with me

All things are like a dream


I'm smiling wide again

Fogetting what happened

I know this is a bit strange

I ask you don't go away


Nobody asks me if I am fine

My friends never bother to ask me that

Nobody like you make me smile wide

They don't know if I fake smiles or I am sad


The night is dying

I can't help laughing

Whenever you're here with me

I forget all those bad things

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