All and nothing







     Behind your eyes

     Laughter's pinch

     Like tasered pain

     As truth brands


     Unsought, Unloved.

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This page I hold that sets me free
Ordains me to captivity 
Take a knife to slice my vein
You'll see the color of my pain
A longing stare across the room
To hear the music of my gloom
The blacks and blues of melody
Burn holes in my humanity
Your eyes, they seek to question why
A thousand deaths are my reply
You'll never touch what you cant see
'Cos prison just won't set me free
© Mirror_rorriM_1999
Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I gave away the inspiration, it would spoil the fun.

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Brown Paper Sack

Alone I crawl on bandaged knees

bowed before God with my whole heart I plead.

I remember the times when simplicity was best

feel like I'm failing, failing this test.


The passion, the fire, the flame

sitting in the darkness hidden by fame.

Cut off my tongue I shall tell you no lie

watch the world turn, slowly passing me by.


The eyes that no longer long for my soul

are etched in my mind and will not let me go.

The mountains I climb are steeper still

broken bones take longer, and longer to heal.


Cross the threshold I will not look back

My heart for you in a brown paper sack.

And though I tried remember the good,

even if I didn't do all that I could.


Please forgive me my faults and remember my name,

becuase now that it's over

Nothing is the same...

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Lady: The End Of The War

We loved, we fought, and we lost, paying  the highest of costs. we lay on this battlefield beaten and battered while the earth lay scorn beneath us. This time it was more then a simple bout, this was something catophstrophic. The mighty oblisk had fallen and the world felt it.  The wind howled like torchered mice; The sky weeped witnessing this sad sight. The war is over, but with no victor. Both sides lay tired and still, brittling still. Nethier tries to stand, love will die here today.

And then, there was peace in the land, the saddest silence life had ever know.    

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