As she noticed her reflection in the mirror…she was frightened and appalled

and as she took a closer look..her tears began to fall.


She had trouble recognizing the person reflected over there

Cancer had made her thin and frail…Cancer had taken her hair.


Her husband noticed her standing there…And said, “I saw you from afar

and I just had to come and tell you how beautiful you are.”


She leaned back into his arms saying, “I’m not as beautiful I fear…

as when you fell in love with me…but, still, it’s nice to hear.”


“It’s true you’re not as beautiful.” he said…

”But that’s because you’ve found a way

in all the years I’ve known you…to be more beautiful every day.


It’s why when I look at you when we awaken…it’s easy for me to say

you are more beautiful this morning than you were yesterday.


Then he held her tightly in his arm…and whispered in her ear

words that eased her sadness…words that mollified her fears…


“In all the years I’ve known you…I’ve admired from afar

how warm and kind and wonderful…how beautiful you are…”


“Nothing can take from you what has taken you a lifetime to instill…

nothing can steal your beauty…


nothing ever will.”

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Because I Never Gave Up on Me


© 2016 Christine Mulvihill


Welcome to the oncology ward. I spent about 3 years here and it really is a great spot to be when you are sick. The people here are very caring and supportive all the time. Some of the memories I have from here are not great, like losing two friends, but they pulled me through and I’m grateful.


From Christine’s Story;
And even though she died along with other people I cared about like my friend Sister Jacklyn, death never crossed my mind. After her death I still never lost hope, and I promised never to give up. And even after I relapsed and had to start all over again, I promised myself to keep on fighting until I was just like everyone else again, until I could wake up in my own bed and run free without that stupid IV. No matter how painful a struggle no matter how long, I would have fought to eternity to be healthy again.


Because I never gave up on me


Walking down the hall without that horrid IV
No words can do justice to how I feel so free
I one so small have conquered that roaring “C”
And showed you all I can, because I never gave up on me.


Not many believed, they lose faith fast
Not even I dreamt how long I’d last
They said it had ended when the stone was cast
But I showed you all I could, because I never gave up on me.


Oh how the pain burned
Slow like seasons turned
And to give up I yearned
But I showed you strength, because I never gave up on me.


With silent tears I struggled on
My only hope she now was gone
From above her light shone
I showed her I was grateful, because I never gave up on me.


Lying in bed
Listening to sounds I dread
Screams of a child and loved ones who cry
There are too many miles to go why can’t I just die.
My skin is sore
From the needles I bore
The drugs I take
They make me ache
I’m tired of fighting let’s end this bid,
oh why can’t I just be a normal kid?
I’d show myself and I’d show you all
That I made it through with my back against the wall
Because I never gave up on me.


In size and in strength may you never judge me
I won that battle because I had faith in me
There is so much more that you can’t see
And I showed you all, because I never gave up on me.


Walking down the hall without that horrid IV
No words can do justice to how I feel so free,
I one so small have conquered that roaring “C”
And showed you all I can, because I never gave up on me. 




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Malignant tumors

grown to their fullest


A body taken over by disease


Contemplating the end;

overtaken by weakness


Struggling to stand up;

so down in the dumps









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What can we say to someone with cancer?

How can we brighten their day?

As they’re beginning their frightening journey what in the world can we say?


They’ve been to the doctors.

They’ve read all the literature.

They know what their cancer could do.

Perhaps we can help them by telling them… all the things that cancer can’t do….


We could tell them cancer cannot take away their memories.

With their sense of humor…cancer cannot elope.

It cannot poison our friendship…

or shatter our faith and our hope.


We could tell them cancer cannot blacken our souls.

How we won’t let it darken our days.

How it cannot dampen our spirits 

and how we’ll be by there every step of the way.


And we can tell them cancer cannot diminish their courage…

because now they have something to prove…

that, perhaps, the reason the’ve been given this mountain…

is to show others how it can be moved.


Yes, when someone we love is battling cancer,

We do have a way to brighten their their day.

We share with them all the love in our heart…


And let our love find the right words to say.

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