Simple Thoughts
"Wind chimes,
dazzling across the room
sweet sounds of wood
drumming against wood. 
Bamboo shafts,
making soft thuds
float to me,
the soft breeze
picking up
to send me
an epiphany of noise,
a realization of music
played by no one.
the musician who plays me this rhyme,
the symphony 
of the Ocean waves,
crashing onto the beach
played by the rustling,
green leaves
with each tree,
swaying back and forth
in dance.
In step,
waltzing across the dancefloor
of my mind
a orchestra of noise
turned into high tunes,
afternoon desires
grow like blossoming petals;
slow to open.
a sight to see,
smell when finished,
the flower 
of all the sounds surrounding me
this southern Summer Saturday
comes together
to soothe me away
into a lull,
a state of mind
I wish to hold on to,
while I can.
Before Monday."
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Windchimes are wild.

I Kiss Her Apocalypse

I kiss her Apocalypse,

She strums my violet skinny ribs,

I pluck her violin string hair,

finely tuning the walk up the long white winding stairs,


He looks down at us from a prism,

Not a sound to cry,

A Fool laughs,

Just listen,


A new symphony,

Made of old love and sadness,

Of magic made in the throughs of love and madness,

Tightrope walking on Epiphany,


It will never come,



Just the inevitable fall and rise,


I can make something real,

It may be ugly,


Everything makes us happy,


A Falling Fall leaf defines the seasons seed,


to defy beautiful,

I shall not,

It holds it's own hemisphere,

quaking and shaking,


I have been inside for too long,

The break in the gate will not last long,

A slow moving fog,

One last song


I kiss her Apocalypse,

She strums my violet skinny ribs

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Music and Light


Hours of silent music playing soft between my ears

A cacophony of symphony that no one else can hear

Notation’s expiration too instant for my reprise

Lauding life’s small moments as I gaze into the skies


Shadow fall steals soundlessly upon a deafening world

Luminosity glowing brilliantly upon a beautiful girl

Headlights highlight tenderly our forms within the field

While we lay together, and to the night-sleep yield  

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