And When I Look Up

Nature / Folder 1

When I go outside on a sunny day,
And I look up,
I want to see that beautiful sky.
That deep, deep blue sky,
I love it so much....maybe more than anything.
I want to see it because it feels like...

like a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter morning...

or like a cozy soft cuddly blanket--the kind that your mom keeps on the back of the couch for chilly, rainy nights.

When I go outside
On a sunny day
And I see that sky,
That deep, deep blue sky,
I know that no matter
what happens
that day,
When I look up it will be there.

And when I see that deep,
Deep blue sky,
And things do not go
Exactly right,
There will be something
that is good,
When I look up.

And if by chance that day,
Some dark, grey clouds
Come and smother the deep,
Deep, blue sky,
I will know the dark, grey clouds
Are really why I love my

When I get home,
And the day has been long,
And the day has been hard,
I will curl up on my couch,
And reach for the cuddly,

In the morning,
I will make a bowl of oatmeal,

And when I walk outside,
I want to see the sky...
Because I love it so much.

Copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About comforts.

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It's 5:39 A.M
Go to bed
This will be a poem
I'm waking up in 20 minutes
I have to be at school before 7
At 7 I have rehearsal
Then French
Honors Geometry
Honors CA
Then Choir
No school tomorrow
Snow day?
I'm hoping
Go to bed
Everythings been cancelled
For a while now
I've been cancelled for a while now
Blah blah blah
It's still no wait
I need sleep
Good night

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chameleon of the heart

tonight i'm not sleeping
i'm making impulsive plans
looking through binoculars
trying to understand

and all of the people who
tried to pull me down
break from their capsules
and melt into the ground

dying season of the mindful
to be vacant of the thought
the hunters are eschew
darling, you're as fragile as fawn

tonight I am flying
on someone else's back
disguised as a friend
though they maniacally laugh

and all of the steps i've taken
with my wonder and belief
deteriorate into sequences
of unsteady newly born feet

dying season of the leery
to be a chameleon of the heart
the world will still find you
darling, not as strong as you are smart

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On my feet

Work, work, work

Life is a contest
The tough can make and reap success
But it’s so lonely up here
Tis’ a place made for the few
Telling people what and how to do
A desire to stay afloat
Would take a toll on your boat
One should be firm but remain soft
In order not to end up
Feeling stressed and burn-out.

Feel so tired at the end of the day
Yet I must stay put and be happy
For what would happen if I wouldn’t be?
Can I just curl up and stay away?
When mundane things sometimes go messy
Could I ask somebody?
To take over just for a little while
So I can catch my breath
Renew my strength
And be on my feet again.

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The Unbound

Unbound the brain,
set to flee.
left the body
to its will.
sit and wait
and see what may,
and let the strings
fall as they may.

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Take a shower,
wash my feet,
comb my hair,
have something to eat,

go to sleep
tucked in my bed
with seven pillows
under my head,

knowing that I'm
safe and sound,
'cause now I'm home
from homeward bound.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It just kinda popped into my head after we went on a camping trip/family reunion. :)

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The Salve

2010-2012 Poems

Long dead of night and day...
Half-awake, half-dreaming.
Thunderstorm outside,
The raging raindrops sing.

Purple candle light.
Drowsy, tired eyes...
A warm-blooded earthling
Soaked in the tub.

Intense thoughts of chicken tandoori
And cheese naan from 'Kapitan'...
All these and a placid, deep snooze,
To salvage myself, I choose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 02Nov11 - The day I craved for 'chicken tandoori and cheese naan' until night...so much that at around 8pm, I called a taxi and searched for a restaurant called 'Kapitan', ordered and took it home with me blissfully! :)

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2010-2012 Poems

Rain pours down, droplets glide
Forming crystal-like patterns
On the gloomy glass window
Where I rest my weary head on.

Bokehs of green lights,
Red glares on rear bumpers.
Yellow suns at night, gleam.
I squint at the creaking wipers.

Strobing lightning, growling thunder,
Snobbed by the busy road.
People chattering behind, in all languages...
I close my eyes, oblivious.

I feel the Earth spin so fast as I sit still.
The seconds of my life tick.
Purpose. Mission. Calling.
I brace myself...exhale.

Doing a lot, but missing a lot.
You can't have it all.
But deep inside, you have a strong sense-
Why this is what you are living for.

Dreams. Passion. Happiness.
All the roads lead to where I am.
Here and now...here we go.
Sometimes, you just wonder--if it's all worth it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 21Oct11 --7.28pm (on the bus,KL)

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2010-2012 Poems

"Sleep"-Oh how I miss thee!
Sleep, you came and you left
Without cradling me...

I toss and turn, refuge in a ruffled burrow.
Shadows underneath the eyes,
Awake on a restless pillow.

Sleep! Your absence makes me weep...
Bring peace to this tired consciousness,
I've lost count of the sheep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 10Oct11 - insomia attacks on 'auth season'

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