What a hot mess all of this has become

I crawl out my aching bed

As it begs me not to slither out the door

Another day of coordinated confusion

Greets my gritty eyes

I listen to music about sex until I arrive at class

And then attempt not to dose off

I looked forward to cigarettes

Drugs and booze

Like I used to look forward to field trips


From across the room she's making a face

I've never seen before



That same homeless man is at the store


This time he asks me for two cigarettes


We are too high to be driving

Why are we not slowing down

Something throws me forward 

I wish were home


From across the room she asks for two cigarettes

Driving helpless I've never seen before

I wish


The store she's making

Helpless asks for home

Again two cigarettes


Something throws me

Why are we helpless

Why are we selfish


Room the glass trickles down

On my across skin

Bleeding breathing


Night falls, I go to sleep

Still shaking



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Healing mountain.

Sitting upon a tranquil mountain top
as I do from time to time
looking down at the view below me
listening to the calming silence
to heal my battered soul
and clear my troubled mind.

I look down to the bottom
to remind me how far In have come
and where I used to be
the mountain is in my imagination
but I go there when I need
whenever life's battles get too much
it heals and restores me
so I can carry on once more
like before
free from stress and anxiety.

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The imagination is a great thing, just take a moment or two to relax, and set your imagination free, to be where ever you want to be.

The Salve

2010-2012 Poems

Long dead of night and day...
Half-awake, half-dreaming.
Thunderstorm outside,
The raging raindrops sing.

Purple candle light.
Drowsy, tired eyes...
A warm-blooded earthling
Soaked in the tub.

Intense thoughts of chicken tandoori
And cheese naan from 'Kapitan'...
All these and a placid, deep snooze,
To salvage myself, I choose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 02Nov11 - The day I craved for 'chicken tandoori and cheese naan' until much that at around 8pm, I called a taxi and searched for a restaurant called 'Kapitan', ordered and took it home with me blissfully! :)

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