To Watch The Time

To watch the time


During these hours I am alive.

I feel and love,

Most notably the lack, and with that hunger, thirst.


For I know not what is my hope.

I know not It nor the absence of knowing it.

One might say I face a grimmer fate...


To not know anything at all.

But this crimson destiny is nothing short of an adventure!

Yes, and what I face, I will face with a shining smile of optimism.


Let it be shrouded in misty darkness,

Or be blanketed by the blinding lights of the morning sun,

But I will face whatever fate come fort.


And to these lonely moments,

That come to me in wait,

And with their presence mock,


I bid to them a word or two,

For it is they that keep me sane,

Enough at least to walk as if I were.






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