Thank You For Music

Thank you to
the writers of
and those that
sing it.

I listen to music
every day of my life,
and you could say
that it's a part of me.

So, I thank you all
for your music,
that you have given
to the world
for us to listen to.

Thank you for music,
and how it sounds
in my ears.

Thank you for the music
and how it makes
me feel inside.

I listen to music
when my life
is painful,
and when I need
something to
bring my spirits up.

Without any music
to listen to,
I don't know how
I would get through
the seven days of the week!

Thank you for the music
that you give to us
to listen to
and enjoy!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem saying thanks to those who write, and sing, the music that I listen to. Without it, my life would be very stressful!

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