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The Song of Hope

Today a cloud surrounded me of fog so dark and cold
The sorrow ‘round me as mist swirled, no sunbeams to behold
But in the blackest, darkest hour I heard a dove’s low song
I looked behind me, side to side, to find the dove I longed
But seems to me that from my heart these gentle wings gave beat
On the sweet dove cooed her song—the song of eternity

In the dark the small dove sang of everlasting light
The cold mist seemed to melt away at visions of no night
With joy and gladness my heart leaped when came the chorus of no sorrow
How strong and courageous my heart grew with no fear of tomorrow
No sad goodbyes and bitter tears, no misunderstandings there
The sweet dove cooed her soothing song—this song expelled despair

She sang of my Redeemer’s arms that soon would hold me near
Of how I’d meet those gone before whom my heart held so dear
Of rest, and peace, and happiness; of forest, plain, and hills
Of streets of gold, a city bright through which flow clearest rills
And soon my lips began to sing of what only faith can see
My heart cooed the sweet dove’s song—the song written for me

I’ve had as many ups as downs, I’ve known both pain and pleasure
But only during darkest times my soul renews this treasure
For in a rose, a friend, a laugh, I have the smallest ration
A vision of the joys ahead which God for me has fashioned
A glance across sweet Heaven’s shore, just a little peek
Not needed is the sweet dove’s song—this song so low and meek

So low her song it can’t be heard in busyness and mirth
It isn’t heard in times of plenty, only in the dearth
In the loneliness of mourning, when mouth and heart both groan
In sorrow’s blackness when I feel forsaken, all alone
In the stillness of the night when my poor heart is torn
The sweet dove swells a mighty song— her song breaks forth as morn

So for today, I venture through this mist no more afraid
For in the dark I see a light, the way for me is laid
Ever since the world began, daylight comes after evening
The morning to which I press on is real and never-ending
For now my Saviour’s given me this song to help me through
The name of this sweet song is Hope— A hope I have in view

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Small Belief In God

I'd started to forget
why I had a small belief in
the man in the heavens, God.

But thanks to three people,
online this site,
I have started to remember.

Thanks alot, to Sylkie,
to Kara,
and also to Adam.
I'd forgoten things.

Things about how
you don't have to be 100%
a believer, but just have
a bit of you that believes.

You reminded me how
I had been contacted by
an angel when I was 5,
a few days before her death.

I'm grateful to you three,
for helping me to
keep my heart open,
that believing isn't seeing.

It's more trust,
and even experience.

Your kind words to me,
on my little Jessica's death,
were very touching,
and made me feel like crying.

That was very sweet,
and got me to thinking.
Thinking about my belief
in the Big Guy, God.

Thanks for talking
to me about how
my little Jessica contacted you!

This has opened
questions inside of me,
but has also brought
some faith back to me.

And Kara,
your belief in God,
unwavering and strong.
Shairing it with everyone.

That's the kind of belief
and dedication in God,
that is magical.

Thanks you three,
You've been helpful!

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To my friends Sylkie, Kara, and Adam!

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