Larger then life

Larger then life       3/9/21


i used to be as big as a house and it didnt matter that i was not fit

it happened gradualy over time but i didnt care no not one bit

i ate and ate everything in site because my life had so much strife

will it ever end i do not know but one clear thing im larger then life

then it happened just like this i saw the reflection of what i'd become 

when i realized what i was seeing it made me feel so very numb

i really hated what i was and who i became sent me over the cliff

 thats when i started to take it off but i still felt larger then life

this is my story of what i was before i made a change in me

i no longer feel like that girl back there cuz that is no way to be 

now that my reflection has changed i no longer think about the what ifs

when i see myself i smile and think someday i wont feel like im larger then life



Author's Notes/Comments: 

my newest poem hope you like it!!!

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Remember that time?

Long ago -

When I was part of you, 

And you, 

A piece of me.

Life was chaotic,

Stress was daily,

My figure grew thin -

My ego, bruised.


And used. 

Many times,

I came back to you.

What did I do,

To deserve the shit

You put me through -

The way I feel, 

To this day.

How to reach that corner -

To peek around,

and not fall back -


Curled in a fetal position.

Not knowing what lies ahead,

Around the bend.

What is beyond the sunset?

When is a new day, 

Where I don't compare him,

To you?

When will your memory lay still?

Where is that current,

To take you away?

When can I drift to sleep,

And not think of you? 

When will this torment end?

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Dark Sonnet


Great sorrow hurts beyond all pain in life, 
Transcending fleeting times without sweet strife. 
When hope returns into one's lonely soul, 
Depression follows suit to take its toll.
When sorrow fades beneath the sun' bright hold, 
Black clouds will drown out all the light like mold. 
Dark heralds will proclaim into the night,
And spread their truths out like a toxic blight.
Dreams put to sleep by people's boundless hate, 
And the lonely dreamers struck down by fate. 
Silver angels shed their immortal tears.
 Death unto all to soothe all eternal fears.
Souls do not thrive without joy without love. 
All to lament the falling broken dove.
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Things Change

Once I was privileged

I had enough to get by

More than enough to get high

I was raised and taught to always try


Then things changed

All of a sudden, I was broke

I felt different from other folk

But to the rest, I was just a joke


But then I found love

I was never alone

Always had my girl on the phone

She was closer to me than a clone


Then things changed

Suddenly I became jaded

Requited love became belated

What I once adored, I soon hated


But then I found friends

I had the most tight-knit crew

The family you choose, that much is true

They kept me blushing when I felt blue


Then things changed

Friends became failed relationships

Our bonds cracked like frostbitten lips

Our foundations shakier than belly-dancer hips


But then I found myself

For once in my life I felt alright

No drama to deal with, no battles to fight

I smiled in the mirror to my delight


Then things changed

I got so angry, I was always pissed

My mirror became bad luck after it met my fist

So I dug a reflective shard inches into my wrist

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Practice makes perfect

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Productive Member

Listen intently,
it’s all you know.

The cool, black anthracite
stares at me with eyes of dust.
This must be torture for you.

Your perverseness fuels violence,
catalyzed by ignorance.
Together, we spiral downward
toward servitude for a-greater-cause,
one of greed and desire,
ambition for power.

Suppositions of support for the substantial
masses of minimality musters avidity to
strangle strong necks, striving to be something,
when we, ultimately, ARE everything.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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No comment

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Trial and Error

In the horizon I see an ominous glow
With a future so bright, it makes me want to go
Gallantly, I charge in head first
Could I be done with all of the worst?
Edging from side to side at full speed
Not to be stopped by anything but need
Instantaneously a shadow starts on my track
But I remain cautious, never to look back
The following darkness never seems to cease
Will any of my racing thoughts ever find peace?
I start to tire and begin to take a rest
The shadow just waits, as if this is some test
As I stop this glow seemed to fade
But time never stops, so I feel I am betrayed
Life goes on as my rest turns to procrastination
For some reason I give into temptation
Wallowing in self pity as the days pass by
I stay in this place always left to wonder why
Why am I so tired, never to proceed my dreams?
It's not that easy, I cannot follow these themes
Alas inspiration cracks the sky in two like lightning
I become aware, My grasp on life starts tightening
An Idea flows, what if I walk as if I'm at ease?
Because I'n the end, Only I'm left to please.

Justin Herrera

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Put a good amount of thought into this. Any questions or suggestions? Open to all :)

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Cold (not a love song)

It's so cold outside tonight...much like I'm feelin tonight.
I just can't get it through my head, and nothing seems to feel right.
I'm so cold now that I can barely write.
Is this all that's for me? Is this my lot in this fucking life?

I'm so cold I feel the ice running through my soul,
and I have tried so hard to know
what it feels like to have a heart of gold.
I've forgotten what love is...
My heart has grown too cold.

I don't show it much, but I feel it inside.
Sometimes it makes me just want to sit there and cry.
Why can't I have someone in my life?!
Oh Lord, I just don't wanna be alone when I die!

I'm so cold as the ice claims again my soul
as I try my very best to know
What it feels like to be good as gold,
but I have forgotten what love is...
I guess my heart is too cold.

Oh Lord I know you hear my prayers,
but if you always tell me no
how can you blame my heart for being cold?
I don't want to die alone...
Do You hear me?
I said I don't want to die alone!
What'm Llouder you say? Speak more clearly?

I'm so cold, but the ice won't claim my soul
The Lord above hears my prayers, and He knows
how it feels to be alone.
He shows me again how true His love is...
as He starts to warm my heart that's so cold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm just feeling pretty down...I need the Lord Jesus Christ more than usual right now, and this is about how God works on His time...not ours. I'm only human though, and love is something that eludes me constantly. Nobody wants what I want...everyone thinks love means sex and vise versa...too bad for them when they find out how wrong they are I guess...they're missing out on a great guy.

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