Dark Sonnet


Great sorrow hurts beyond all pain in life, 
Transcending fleeting times without sweet strife. 
When hope returns into one's lonely soul, 
Depression follows suit to take its toll.
When sorrow fades beneath the sun' bright hold, 
Black clouds will drown out all the light like mold. 
Dark heralds will proclaim into the night,
And spread their truths out like a toxic blight.
Dreams put to sleep by people's boundless hate, 
And the lonely dreamers struck down by fate. 
Silver angels shed their immortal tears.
 Death unto all to soothe all eternal fears.
Souls do not thrive without joy without love. 
All to lament the falling broken dove.
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2010 Poetry



Brightness keeps burning forever in my mind,
while thoughts swirl in never ending tide.
I search and search not knowing what I’ll find,
it is as if everyone I knew has lied.

Bits of truth hung here and there to fool me,
Always someone close to me to agree,
until I pull my thoughts in to collect.
People saying what they want me to hear,

though I always hear the sound of laughter.
Thus I’m sure they want me to disappear,
no one caring now and forever after.

I will keep these thoughts inside that I dread,
until that day comes in which they’re all dead.

© 2010 Philip N. Carcione


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shakespearean Sonnet

A Sonnet is a poem consisting of 14 lines (iambic pentameter) with a particular rhyming scheme:

A Shakespearean (English) sonnet has three quatrains and a couplet, and rhymes abab cdcd efef gg.

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A + C

Her eyes will melt my very soul,

When I'm looked at with such a gaze,

A gift from her, if even coal,

Would seem a jewel, lost in a daze.

My heart beats at a quickened pace,

Whenever I am at her side,

Butterflies will begin to race,

As emotions fill up inside.

The gladness felt when I see her

Is uncontrollable for me,

And as all these events occur

Upon my face, a smile be.

Though she'll move on in time like me,

Blessed I'll be, with sweet memories.

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Facing Pages

2010 Poetry

Lucky in life but unlucky in love,

as it has been said through the ages.

Is this really true or only kind of,

are they both simply on facing pages

Who knows for sure when it comes to the heart,

what we think is wanted, may never be.

Life is linear and can break apart,

but keep searching without that guarantee.

Keep the pages together as you move on,

love can always find you with the next dawn.

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New England Rains

2010 Poetry

Rain falling down in sideways sheets

flooding rivers with all the runoff.

Flowing high engulfing the streets

causing my cellar to look like a trough.

Can’t remember a year with water this high

on my sump pump I must rely.

Sucking out barrel upon barrel

hoping to keep my furnace dry.

Praying the household keep out of peril

hoping that soon we’ll see the blue sky.

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Withered Old Painting

2010 Poetry

Old oils painted on wood board long ago,

dried and cracking as time well takes its course.

Why artists used this I will never know,

as a canvas it was not a good source.

Paint failing to adhere, losing its image,

leaving an antiqued picture shown weathered.

The years causing it to show its mileage,

like an old bird that’s no longer feathered.

Not something you would want hung on your wall,

but stuck away buried in a cellar.

Image that has lost all of its recall,

no longer displayed by any sane dweller.

Though something is said for surviving the years,

and for some it shows more than it appears.

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Its Ugly Hand

2010 Poetry

A dirty old bottle sits on the ground,

as an old park bench dilapidates.

Its metal turning to a deep orange

as oxidation takes its course.

Flora overgrowing all that it surrounds,

blocking the old path that once prevailed.

It was once a place of beauty and charm,

when one’s taxes used to foot the bill.

That was before greed and corruption

stuck out its ugly hand to line Its pockets.

I fear those days when the elected cared

has gone the way of the Dodo’s flight.

Landing us all face down in the dirt

while they skip along with a healthy smile.

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Faith in the Plan

2010 Poetry

The hand of God counting down the hours,

as the planets circle his finger tips.

Clouds swirling in never ending showers,

all waiting for life on earth to eclipse.

A lone light hanging freely from the void,

can it be all we know will be destroyed.

We must all climb the ladder of our faith,

believing that he has a master plan.

All expanding to the power of eighth,

ever since every thing on earth began.

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Protect Yourself

2010 Poetry

The ace of hearts burns in my wrinkled hand,

as all the colored chips fall from my clutch.

The game doesn’t go always as you planned,

that is the trouble with wanting too much.

Greed will point you down the wrong lonely path,

causing you to desire more than you need.

Making you face the heat of someone’s wrath,

so listen to the essence of this creed.

Nothing in life ever comes too easy,

so if it does give it a second look.

Things shouldn’t always be light and breezy,

sometimes they tend to come with a hook.

Take your gifts wisely with eyes open wide,

you won’t suffer when you know someone lied.

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