Rock Bottom

I started at the bottom 

I'm still here

Hesitant to climb the ladder

Can't conquer fear


The path to my ascension 

Remains quite clear

My clarity concedes to critics 

Thank you peers


Now the bottom slowly rises

With my tears

Floating on a fragile boat

My emotions steer


Will I sink or swim

The answer nears

Every inch I slowly rise

My insides cheer


The mask of my depression 

Now rendered sheer

Staring into the light ahead

Like blinded deer


The boat begins to rock

Nausea has appeared 

Sickness now stunts my travels

Cursed inner ear


The rocky waves crashing overhead

Drench the veneer

Tumble over the boat's edge

Tipped over steer


Mournful breaths as I descend

Curse my puppeteer

Hopelessly I drift back down

Life's discarded souvenir 


My advice for achieving happiness

I freely volunteer

Instead of holding onto rocks

Hold those dear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wanted to try messing with a 5 3 5 3 pattern as well as consistantly rhyming words.

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