Remember that time?

Long ago -

When I was part of you, 

And you, 

A piece of me.

Life was chaotic,

Stress was daily,

My figure grew thin -

My ego, bruised.


And used. 

Many times,

I came back to you.

What did I do,

To deserve the shit

You put me through -

The way I feel, 

To this day.

How to reach that corner -

To peek around,

and not fall back -


Curled in a fetal position.

Not knowing what lies ahead,

Around the bend.

What is beyond the sunset?

When is a new day, 

Where I don't compare him,

To you?

When will your memory lay still?

Where is that current,

To take you away?

When can I drift to sleep,

And not think of you? 

When will this torment end?

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