Larger then life

Larger then life       3/9/21


i used to be as big as a house and it didnt matter that i was not fit

it happened gradualy over time but i didnt care no not one bit

i ate and ate everything in site because my life had so much strife

will it ever end i do not know but one clear thing im larger then life

then it happened just like this i saw the reflection of what i'd become 

when i realized what i was seeing it made me feel so very numb

i really hated what i was and who i became sent me over the cliff

 thats when i started to take it off but i still felt larger then life

this is my story of what i was before i made a change in me

i no longer feel like that girl back there cuz that is no way to be 

now that my reflection has changed i no longer think about the what ifs

when i see myself i smile and think someday i wont feel like im larger then life



Author's Notes/Comments: 

my newest poem hope you like it!!!

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