News for You

News for You

By jfarrell


People of Britain,

I’ve got news for you;

It ain’t about left or right;

It’s about right and wrong.


“If we don’t get brexit, there’ll be riots…” WRONG!

When you make threats, you devalue democracy;

“we have low wages because of immigrants…” WRONG!

You have low wages because your boss can get away with it.


The World watches as we try to welch on our commitments;

And the World wants to do business with Britain?

“Have cake and eat it.”

How arrogant.


This once great nation, a refuge, a home to all,

Has become a cesspit of lies and hate;

I’ve got news for you, Britain,

The World is watching,

Or are you too stupid to see that?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just don't understand the hate

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Destroying Legacy

Destroying Legacy

By jfarrell


For profit,

Legacies are being destroyed.

My children’s home, for example,

And social housing trusts.


Long before I, or many of us, were born,

Rich, caring people, ‘philanthropists’, we called them;

Left great areas of land and building



To be used for social housing, children’s homes….

Hospitals, schools, the list is endless;

A hundred years before I was born

A rich person entrusted his lands which became my children’s home.


That piece of land, holding 25 houses, for children in need,

Was sold for one, solitary, single pound (british);

And each, now private, semi-detached house

Sells for a quarter of a million pounds.


Whether a hundred years ago, a person left housing,

Or today, you build a school…

Because tomorrow we make money selling it…

What real legacies are there left, or will remain?

They will sell it.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i see great crimes going unrecognised and unpunished

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As midnight approaches

As midnight approaches

By jfarrell


All my life prophesies are becoming….

Or so they shout;

The end is nigh, day of judgement,

Day of reckoning.


When USA dropped their bombs on Japan;

That was the real…. you heard the toll, too, didn’t you?

The toll.

Midnight had struck.


Cuba, Bay of Pigs, started the clock all over again;

You’d think they’d have learned….

The rest of the world got drunk, had lots of sex

Got rich, or got poorer, and forgot about everything important.


And that’s a big part of why we are where we are today;

The world might blow up tomorrow;

Me, myself and I, is all that matters..

For tomorrow we may die.


It’s never been the bombs that have scared me;

It’s always the people who might push the button;

North Korea might, coz they really think Trump won’t;

Trump might, coz he don’t like anyone thinking he won’t.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

if more world leaders were women - would we still be in this mess, under this threat?

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Blowing up women and children

Blowing up women and children

By jfarrell


If you wanna blow up women and children -

   - in fact, hurt children in any way -

If you wanna drive a car into a crowd of pedestrians;

You would be kept alive and awake with drugs

As we cut the skin from your screaming body;

Alas, no pain relief

You would be kept alive,

Screaming, dripping

Literally a bloody sight

I don’t know if it’s possible for skin to grow back,

After being so completely removed,

But, if it does, great

We get to skin you again and again and again

And stream it on live tv;

Terrorists? You with the bomb

You’re no different than my dad,

He could only hit the wife and kids, such a big man;

I should fear you?

Come, sit with me, talk,

See the visions my god shows me

Then you will know terror


Author's Notes/Comments: 

hurt kids, you answer to me

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Vivlaldi’s Four Seasons

Vivlaldi’s Four Seasons

By jfarrell



“Hello, you are through to…” whoever you called;

“You are in a queue.”

Why is it always Vivaldi’s four seasons,

And I don’t know which.


I don’t know much about classical music,

I’m more a Queen, Marillion, Metallica,

Kinda dude…

Why are we being forced to hate Vivaldi?


And I know it’s the Kafkaesque part,

I should ask about…

I phone number ‘A’, am told to phone number ‘B’

And round and round till I get told I’m spose to be

Speaking to number ‘A’


But, why Vivaldi?

If it was Abba,

I reckon more people would be less pissed off.

I don’t even like classical music;

Why am I spose to hate Vivaldi?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i like Holst's 'The Planets'

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New Faces

1. Many people ask one's culture-

2. “I'm Hispanic-”, “I am Caucasian”, “I am Asian”...

3. But I'm not African American or Nicaraguan.

4. I am not American nor Southern;

5. I am Otha Grimsley,

6. I am my father.

7. Role model attitude, stern personality.

8. Systematic living, holds his dignity.

9. Never just says, he always does.

10. “Eat right, talk right, walk right.”

11. That's his slogan.

12. His children are his own,

13. He's proud and knows we've grown

14. but we're always Daddy's Babies

15. Even when we're old.

16. Growing up in society,

17. Between two clashing environments.

18. Constantly breaking through harsh words of my peers,

19. And reciting the lectures about being closed-minded,

20. To the obnoxiousness and ignorance,

21. That heavily surrounded me.

22. Not just with my peers,

23. But now with my mother.

24. New marriage, new personality.

25. That seems to be the case.

26. “You were never this way.”

27. For me, she's now pictured and displayed,

28. Like flowers in a new vase,

29. And on a clean canvas,

30. She paints a herself new face.

31. Arguments and miscommunication,

32. One day, the pinnacle of my patience arose.

33. “Why won't you just talk to me? This is your problem!”

34. No... I refused, this was not the problem.

35. “I can't talk to you, you never listen!”

36. The shadows of those words were my feelings,

37. Bottled up for two years, with my silent tears and anger.

38. I can't trust you, stop trying!

39. My head screams in agony, as I plan to see my father.

40. I've been pushed around too long,

41. I have to get away from you!

42. “If you walk out that door, I will call the cops!”

43. Her desperate attempt to frighten me,

44. Only made me worse.

45. How dare she deny my right to see my father!

46. “Call them! I'm not doing anything wrong!”

47. My feet are pounding on the concrete,

48. My eyes leaked hot tears,

49. Like water boiling over the sides of a pot.

50. More anger drew more tears,

51. “I'm such a horrible mother!”

52. “No, don't say that, you are not...”

53. You're not the victim!

54. My tears suddenly spilled as she wins all the glory.

55. She gets solace, as I get pounded with forsake.

56. As my escape arrives,

57. I gather my thoughts, my tears and my belongings.

58. I hop in and sigh.

59. Finally, my turn for solace.

60. As I spend the weekend laying on relief,

61. And still sipping on reminisce,

62. I believe I made significance in the house.

63. Things aren't the same,

64. Actually quite awkward...

65. And begin to play tug-of-war with,

66. Wow, I feel bad...

67. And no I needed to do this.

68. But overall I decided to stick with my stance.

69. Although I returned, to new a house with stiffness,

70. I thought maybe I can get used to this.

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I didn't know they package coffee like IVs

tubes, into our bloodstream

13 hour work days

it's madness


Caught up in all this traffic

from the suburbs 

to this gateway to hell

all these workers dazed

drunk under the wine of greed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm no poet, I guess I am just a guy expressing his thoughts.

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Boris Johnson as Delboy Trotter

Boris Johnson as Delboy Trotter

By JFarrell


“El dolce est decorum…” he says

Waving a hand nonchalantly

Just because he uses Latin phrases

Doesn’t mean he’s using them correctly

Like Delboy with his French phrases

And his ridiculous heavy south London accent

The pronunciation exaggerated his ignorance

Of what he was saying;

Boris uses a posh accent

And everyone falls for the super-intelligence act.


If “Allo, Allo”, “Only Fools and Horses”

And “Upstairs, Downstairs” had a love child

Boris would be it.


Don’t laugh

With how our current prime minister is doing

He could be our next Prime Minister

Leading demand for a second referendum on Europe

Leading the Remain campaign

And he’d probably end up

The most popular prime minister ever


Author's Notes/Comments: 

welcome President Boris Johnson

The Problem

The Problem

By JFarrell


The problem: War

Why do we have war?

The big boys, the US, Britain and Russia

Sell the guns and tanks to either side in every war


The problem: Unclean drinking water

Why? The wars we enable pollute the land

But, also, we have water-purification tablets;

Why do we not give these away, free

Stop people dying through lack of safe drinking water


The problem: 30 dead in a burned out tower block;

Why? Facts (not opinion): the less fire resistant cladding was used;

Fire services did not have equipment capable of reaching the higher floors

There should start your ‘Public Enquiry’ now.

In these times of austerity it was not cost-efficient

To use the slightly more expensive cladding

Or ensure our fire services were properly equipped


Profit before people is today’s world

Profit is the be all and end all;

Profit and wealth are not the only important things.

People are important, more important.

Think on this, you rich, wealthy people…


Apartheid had to adapt to the fact of there being more black people than white people, or face revolution.


There are far more poor people - people with nothing, people with little, “hard-working, honest families” - than there are rich people.


Vive le Revolution :-)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

vive le Revolution :-)

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