world issues

the truth of honesty

if you have a brain,

and the brain works,

and you violate people's privacy,

for the sole reason of picking them apart,

and telling lies,

and make accusations,

and assumptions,

and use those fabrications,

that are all things you have created,

to cut down others,

in an attempt to be some 'hero',

or magnify some pre-judged 'fault',

or frailty,

in another, or in others,

you deserve what karma gives you in return,

and trying to weasel your way out of your own delusion

will be near impossible,

because you never should have violated

an innocent person in that way.


so here is to all of the people,

who think it is their right,

to violate another's privacy,

because in this day and age, 

it is being done without conscience,

without respect,

and in the name of 'for profit' institutions,

by law enforcement personel,

by lawyers,

by ex-wives,




the list goes on and on.


when the world has not one person left,

who has the capability to speak a word of honesty,

because they know they have no privacy,

and tell only lies to keep others from being misunderstood

because they have the decency to know what respect is,

I hope it becomes your hell,

for however long it takes you to wake the hell up,

as you have caused the suffering of many.


i have love for you, 

my sincerity that you survive

the hell you have created

is sincere,

because you are ignorant to insight,

and that is a crime in itself,

and falls on the laps of people who see it unimportant,

but if you indeed have a desire to learn the truth,

it will be found in yourself alone, using the gift of insight.



6:36 PM 6/21/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the truth of honesty in 2013

You get back insincerity from people if that is all you have to give them...and you will never know the truth.

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