Damn, If I Would Just Stop Fucking So Many Ladies, I Would Be Able to Fuck More Ladies

by DaddyO


I have mixed feelings, but I generally feel honored to be the poster boy for those "actively looking for sexual play."


The fact that there are supposedly "not a whole lot of ladies who have not been involved with me" makes me beam proudly.


This "reputation" helped secure my year and a half Daddy/babygirl relationship with the precious tanyatoy, who was at the time the most cherished gift I had ever received in the sexual/BDSM realm. She was the most awe inspiring woman I had ever encountered; true to herself as well as a joy to everyone she met. And ya know what, she was "warned" about me too! And she confesses that my reputation actually intrigued her more.


Still I find it odd that so many people need to warn others about me. Not once has anyone said who these mysterious people actually are.


Here are the main warnings women recieve about me:


"DaddyO is a predator."


"DaddyO just wants them for sex."


"DaddyO just goes after the young naive newbies.


"I don't like the way DaddyO treats his women."


Could this be because I aggressively go after sex with attractive women and treat them in consensual ways that most of society deems inappropriate?

I guess I could passively practice celibacy, hanging out with people I don't find attractive while conforming to society's norm.


No, thank you. I did that already...the first 35+ years of my life.

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loving differently.

"I love you more than you love me."

Does that make me love you any less?

Does it make it look like I don't want you around?


What do you take me for?

An idiot?


I loved you the way I loved you.

You loved me the way you loved me.

We both loved differently...


Yet, it wasn't enough for the both of us.

It wasn't ever enough.



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Infinity Plus One

How relevant are we as heaps
of wasting organic matter
to think think that we have some purpose
than whats already in the cards
dealt for us to play in this life ?
As in vain as we are as whole,
and bold we are to enoble 
ourselves to such worthy a cause.

What is missed is the simple fact  
we have no more say than the next 
who looks to the same sky as we ;
yet we as sure as the sun shines
go forth ever onward seeking
something hididng from being found.
Naked eyes and naked bodies
watching the hands go round and round
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A Lesser Extreme




The brittle bristles 

On her scrubbing brush 

Are cracked and worn,

Her polishing cloth frayed,

And in between

Each piece of silver she shines,

Blossoms a dream

From the musty cellars

Of million dollar mansions.


Dusting off family portraits

Framed in 24 karat carvings,

She wonders about a friend

That was lost in her long days,

Ended in between pages 

Of the romance novels

Read but never lived,

Felt but never touched.


Across the room

An envelope leans against 

A hand painted china doll,

Inscribed with her name,

Inside it, a worthy note 

To satisfy a hard day's work,

But that is not why she comes.


As she locks the door,

And sets the alarm,

Her cellphone rings,

And she hears the same sound

She has heard every night for 27 years,

The voice of he, whom she will never meet.


With a soulful smile,

She perches herself regently

On the ripped vinyl seat of the cab.

She nods to the cabby peering into the rear view mirror.

She powders her nose.


Another day,

Another cab ride,

Another walk up the stairs

To her one bedroom flat.


She drops a shiny quarter 

In the rusted can of the man sitting 

On the stoop next to a sign that reads "will live for nothing".


She runs fresh water over her houseplants,

Eats, showers, and reads.


And says good morning to the night.






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everyone's is different.

it's what makes you, you,

and makes me, me,

there isn't a right way,

or a wrong way,

that is why the world has gone awry,

and why peace needs to become a priority,

some see it,

some don't,

and some won't.


© 2013

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Installed Perception

My style is real life but you ain't gotta make a choice,

I'm shading in the blanks with the sound of my voice,

I speak on some real shit, not just boasting about dollars,

letting loose some stories about the blue collars.

This ones for the people punching the clock twice a day,

barely sliding by from there measly ass pay,

hardworking motherfuckers who deserve another raise,

who get talked down to and deal with it anyway.

Cuz they know no other way, they all got plenty to say,

on holidays theyre working cuz the bills force them to stay.

They make this world tick but somehow go unnoticed,

I'll give you some facts in case you didn't know this,

this world likes to glorify the rich and the famous,

it's all over TV our whole lives can you blame us?

For wantin to grow up and live like a baller,

we believed money brought  happiness and shrunk problems smaller, but some lessons can only be learned with experience,

your advice to me will hardly ever make sense,

until I go through it and afterwards shake my head,

if I would have just listened to what my parents said.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hit me with some feedback if you have any, thanks!!

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Lyric to "I Only Know New York From the Movies"

This is a song about the limits of human perception and the stories that people make up to explain the unknown. I hope to record this song within the next couple of months.

I only know New York from the movies,
A fraction of what's there is seen by me,
What the camera doesn't show, I doubt I'll ever know,
And to step outside the frame can never be.

I only know New York from the movies,
As I only see the world through human eyes,
I understand there will be things I'll never understand,
But I understand your story's laced with lies.

Beyond what you can see,
Beyond what you can feel,
Beyond what you can know,
Why pretend?
Why pretend?

I only know New York from the movies,
I can only sing of Queens in scales I've heard,
So this G major key gives an alphabet to me,
That limits and constrains my final words.

Beyond what you can see,
Beyond what you can feel,
Beyond what you can know,
Why pretend?

Why pretend? The Atlantic Ocean was created on day one,
Perhaps the Upper East Side on day two.
Why pretend? Day three saw the streets of Brooklyn rise out of the bay
Then the stars you rarely see were made for you.
Why pretend? Day five saw the pigeons and the gulls that fill the air,
And things that in the murky Hudson swim.
Why pretend? On day six the first man and first woman from his rib,
Went forth and filled the city to the brim.
Went forth and filled the city to the brim.

I only know New York from the movies,
But I might describe a street, a house, a tree.
It seems my mind is free, but all my thoughts are born from,
What I can sense and words bequeathed to me.

Beyond what you can see,
Beyond what you can feel,
Beyond what you can know,
Why pretend?
Why pretend?

The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?
The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?
The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?
The stars you rarely see were made for you. Why pretend?

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When we look in the mirror
What do see?
I see a king,
But you see a queen.
I see a wizard,
And you see le Fay.
I see my pain,
And you see your dream.
Why can't you learn
That things aren't what they seem?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Isn't it odd how people can see exactly what's going on with someone else, but they can't see their own child? Of course what they don't see is obvious.

Oh yeah and le Fay is a reference to Morgan le Fay from King Arthur, you know of Camelot. Heh that may be a bit obscure.

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Waiting, waiting, waiting. Tik-tok. Tok-tik.
Minute hand edging as you sit.
When you must wait for your entire life,
Waiting becomes no more a sign of strife.
Even as you sit in the sheltered boughs
Turning over wherefores, whys, whos and hows,
It is that which you are accustomed to,
A bit tedious, but nothing new.

Yet you must dream. If not, your soul will cease
To bring you up. And put you down. And geese
Won’t come to bestow on you your thorny crown.
And she might not glide across the dancefloor,
To give you what you want. And so much more.
To incarnate your hopes, your fears and dreams
In another body bursting at the seams
With blood, life, and so much vitality
It almost drives you to insanity.

Kerrrrr-ack. Tinkling, tumbling down, your world dies.
She said No. Get lost. Or maybe she let you down

Time to run.

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