Life's realities


Waiting, waiting, waiting. Tik-tok. Tok-tik.
Minute hand edging as you sit.
When you must wait for your entire life,
Waiting becomes no more a sign of strife.
Even as you sit in the sheltered boughs
Turning over wherefores, whys, whos and hows,
It is that which you are accustomed to,
A bit tedious, but nothing new.

Yet you must dream. If not, your soul will cease
To bring you up. And put you down. And geese
Won’t come to bestow on you your thorny crown.
And she might not glide across the dancefloor,
To give you what you want. And so much more.
To incarnate your hopes, your fears and dreams
In another body bursting at the seams
With blood, life, and so much vitality
It almost drives you to insanity.

Kerrrrr-ack. Tinkling, tumbling down, your world dies.
She said No. Get lost. Or maybe she let you down

Time to run.

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Overcast sky
Just like my heart
Engulfed by grief:
I am on my mystical march
And yet like a wounded lark
I have to endure aches and pains,
Over and over again.
I am fully aware of the chaos
And mayhem
Gripping this world more and more
With each passing second
Yet, I can only pray
For sanity to prevail
And harmony to spread all over
Like a gigantic, long-lasting rainbow.
Lee Remick* sings that "Whistling is easy"
It is not that easy at all
When confusion batters one from everywhere
Within and without.
Life is not a happy song anymore
And Lee Remick's soul must be aware
Of the truth, more than anybody here are.
Should I too wait for 21 years
Or even more
To see truth as it really is?
The dancing village damsel
Along with her male companion
Sings that "life is both light and darkness,
"A mixture of joy and sorrow",
"Meeting and parting..."
And then she swirls to her practiced movements
Enthralling a luscious crowd.
At the same time I hear another voice,
From a wandering gypsy, which says:
"Everything here is just an illusion,
"Give up this world if you are really keen
To attain eternal happiness and unison
That comes with the awareness
Of being with the Truth and becoming One."

(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*LEE REMICK: Hollywood actress, famous for her roles in THE OMEN and EXPERIMENT IN TERROR.

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