Hard Work

Working Hard

I have been working hard,

For the last few days like mad,

With the purpose of translating a dream alone,

Perhaps it may bear fruit in the long run.


I wish from the heart to be successful,

Since I believe that I’ve created something beautiful,

Different and extraordinary,

Which will certainly be constructive for the society.


Let’s see what happens ultimately,

An honest effort should be cherished greatly.

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Hard Work

Hard work leads to one destination,

It’s nothing but success that everyone can,

Reach with time’s support,

And with a basket of dreams and confidence in heart!


Hard work bears fruit ever,

It’s loyal like a soldier,

Brings prosperity to the family,

Earns esteem for a person in the society.


We need to work hard more and more,

To lead the country and civilisation to the fore.

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Installed Perception

My style is real life but you ain't gotta make a choice,

I'm shading in the blanks with the sound of my voice,

I speak on some real shit, not just boasting about dollars,

letting loose some stories about the blue collars.

This ones for the people punching the clock twice a day,

barely sliding by from there measly ass pay,

hardworking motherfuckers who deserve another raise,

who get talked down to and deal with it anyway.

Cuz they know no other way, they all got plenty to say,

on holidays theyre working cuz the bills force them to stay.

They make this world tick but somehow go unnoticed,

I'll give you some facts in case you didn't know this,

this world likes to glorify the rich and the famous,

it's all over TV our whole lives can you blame us?

For wantin to grow up and live like a baller,

we believed money brought  happiness and shrunk problems smaller, but some lessons can only be learned with experience,

your advice to me will hardly ever make sense,

until I go through it and afterwards shake my head,

if I would have just listened to what my parents said.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hit me with some feedback if you have any, thanks!!

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What are they teaching our children?

I cannot begin to fathom how I work so goddamn hard for years, scraping together every coin I can get my hands on in order to save and end up in a bottomless pit where I cannot see a light. There was once a light when I was young, but that light has gotten dimmer over the years. How can this country pride itself in being a land of dreams when I've been here for 20 years with nothing to show for it? I am having my independence slowly stripped away from me all because I follow every law, every rule, every guideline this country has put in front of my face since birth. When other countries criticize Americans, they should be criticizing the government who runs it, not the people who live in it. The people who run it no longer know what it means to live. They simply do; they do not think.

Dedicated to a wonderful boss!

It is shocking & surprising for us to hear,
You too will leave us so soon and its near.
We have faced difficult times without any fear,
With your presence and persistence so sheer!


You always lend a supporting hand,
Made every effort, to make it so grand!
Directing through many hardships in quicksand,
Here with great pride we always stand!


A figure we see in office all the time,
Around the clock, be it night or sunshine.
We sure will miss you and that's hard to write,
In a small verse, with only few lines!



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To a dearly boss!

A humble human being, I've met in my life,
I say these words today, with immense pride.
Genuine kindness & worthy efforts every-time,
Has given courage to make the company shine!


Sadness suddenly filled in all our hearts,
You have decided to leave us, for a life's new start.
Without you to guide, a long way that's ahead to last,
Emptiness surrounds, with only few days to part!


Thank you Mr.GP!

Wish you all the best and every success in all future endeavors!

Dileka Ariyapperuma


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A Poem About Wrestling

Every day I pour out my heart and soul,
Working hard to achieve my goal.
My mind says go, but my body screams STOP!
And I find myself up against the rock.

I tell myself "just gotta push through."
Then reach deep down inside and somehow, I do.
But my mind soon betrays me, saying "please, no more!"
"It could all be over, there's the door."

Thinking the whole time "You're no good, just quit."
I summon the will to get out of this pit.
When it's finally over, when the whistle blows,
I look back with pride and my face, it glows.

I soon shower up and say "Let's get out of here!"
And then I leave, less some blood, sweat, and tear.

I'm often asked my motivation, they say "Why?"
"Why do a sport where you feel to die?"
"Why do a sport, filled with so much pain?"
"A sport where you give so much, but see little gain."

I shake my head, for they can't understand,
Why I think this is all so grand,
Well let me tell you, just why I train,
When my body is so sore, when my energy is drained.

I do it for the lessons that I may learn,
For the discipline I get, and the respect I earn.
For the people I meet both far, and near.
Though many poke fun and say "dude, that's queer."

It's an internal drive, one I can't explain,
That causes me to work through all the pain.
Though my body aches and my muscles burn,
When I must not eat, and my stomach twists and turns.

These words I always say to myself,
"Get back up" or "Almost done, keep working."
Working towards things, both physical and not.
Because even if I lose, at least I fought.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First off I've never been the poetic type, I just got the urge to write about what was on my mind, and it rhymed. But feel free to critique (or maybe if I'm lucky, compliment) my work.

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