Damn, If I Would Just Stop Fucking So Many Ladies, I Would Be Able to Fuck More Ladies

by DaddyO


I have mixed feelings, but I generally feel honored to be the poster boy for those "actively looking for sexual play."


The fact that there are supposedly "not a whole lot of ladies who have not been involved with me" makes me beam proudly.


This "reputation" helped secure my year and a half Daddy/babygirl relationship with the precious tanyatoy, who was at the time the most cherished gift I had ever received in the sexual/BDSM realm. She was the most awe inspiring woman I had ever encountered; true to herself as well as a joy to everyone she met. And ya know what, she was "warned" about me too! And she confesses that my reputation actually intrigued her more.


Still I find it odd that so many people need to warn others about me. Not once has anyone said who these mysterious people actually are.


Here are the main warnings women recieve about me:


"DaddyO is a predator."


"DaddyO just wants them for sex."


"DaddyO just goes after the young naive newbies.


"I don't like the way DaddyO treats his women."


Could this be because I aggressively go after sex with attractive women and treat them in consensual ways that most of society deems inappropriate?

I guess I could passively practice celibacy, hanging out with people I don't find attractive while conforming to society's norm.


No, thank you. I did that already...the first 35+ years of my life.

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