Life as a Sailor's Wife

'I don't want this life anymore'

A thought she often thought

Left behind, feeling hopeless

Love was easy

Holding onto feeling forgotten

Made even easier

The ache in her heart

The heaviness in her head

As every day began a battle

she fought to keep moving forward,

Knowing that it wasn't forever

The leaving of a lover,

The wait of their return

Over and over,

And repeated again

The life of a Sailor's wife

More glorified than treasured

Author's Notes/Comments: 


The Sailor

My Love

They say the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
But you know that I hate to leave you like this
I know that you need me, and you I will miss
But the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
I have to go to become worthy of you
And I don’t know what else to do
But if you’ll wait for me, I think you will find
That fairytales happen, so never you mind
You look so beautiful, please don’t you cry
I will come back; now leaving is nigh
You have to let go of me now my dear
But I’ll come back before another year
Know that I kiss you every night
Sweet, loving dreams make life alright
Yes although you have to let me go
I’ll come straight back to your arms, I know
I’ll be waiting, and wishing till I see you, and then
I’ll hold you and never let go again
But I have to go, and soon you will see
A man where a boy used to be
Who’ll be able to take care of you for all of our days
And who’ll never leave you, together always.


Working in the belly,
Of a haze grey beast,
Tending the engines,
Throughout their enormous feast.


I sweat in the heat,
As the engines scream nearby,
In this man-made iron hell,
It reminds me of a banshees cry.


I’m surrounded by arteries and veins,
A maze of valves and pipes,
Every one of them is vital,

To carry fluids of many types.


Running the Navy is the job,
Of myself and my peers,
Providing power to the ship,
We are Naval engineers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was a Machinist Mate in the Navy, and this one goes out to all my fellow engineers.

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