A soldier young and bold


Trained so he won’t fold


Fighting for his brother’s life


While worrying about his wife


Fighting for others rights


In many different cites




A soldier young and bold


His story not yet told


Walking on a dangerous street


Goes to his Humvee to take his seat


Watching his unit’s six


Trying to find the enemies tricks




A soldier young and bold


Has finally got to grow old


Made it through his service


His family is no longer nervous


Proud of the fight he gave


A flag goes with him to the grave





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As a young boy I always wanted to be a soldier
Counted the seconds as I got older
Then came the day and I joined the ranks
Not for me working in shops or banks
Then they sent us of to War
My Mother cried as I closed the front door
I shot a Taliban who killed a soldier
Now I rot in prison accused of murder.

© Tony McNally

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Two Masters



Two Masters

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The lower the rank
the more the officers
care about their men
than a warmongering mission.
Choosing soldier lives over
criminally stupid and
dangerous orders is
for real officers
a soulsaving decision.
This theme is explored
magnificently in the book
In The Name Of Honor by
Richard North Patterson as
he outlines the criminal
disregard of life by generals
in Iraq. Among many other
events he details soldiers
warned about an ambush
still being ordered by a career
oriented superior to
go to protect a Sunni police
station full of freedom fighters
who oppose the invasion...
every rooftop has Shiite

machine gun holding snipers..
many teen boys have
explosive devices in soda
cans... narrow alleys
are easily roadblocked.


(Footnote: It is not the

superrich who for their

fellow war profiteers send their

sons into harm's way)

-saiom shriver-

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The Shareholder's Meeting on Midgard, System 7

Dream Raiders

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you, our newest product; the E.L.E, or Electrodynamic Light Engine. Converting anti-matter to storable, usable energy, this will be the hot item for the next 50 years. This engine will power everything from factories, to the next generation of military aircraft and ground vehicles, and will even be scaled down and adapted to power first generation urban pacification droids for off-world campaigns and escort duty to and from off-world sites. Our goal is to provide more reliable, more advanced energy solutions for those corporations wishing to invest in, not only a more clean and efficient future, but in a new generation of military guards, that will go longer, fight harder, and outlive any previous generation when powered by the E.L.E; human, artificial or otherwise. An investment in the Electrodynamic Light Engine is an investment in your safety and your future.

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"Hurry and Wait"

"Hurry and Wait"

They will be the first ones to tell you,
This is all justified,
But how can you put numbers on us,
And justify the homicide,

Spit on the face of humanity,
You turn us into your killing machines,
Beat down the already broken,
To live out your own dreams,

The media tells us what to think,
But thats not what I have seen,
My clothes are stained with innocent blood,
While your suits are drycleaned,

Havent You learned from history?,
The king will eventually fall,
And all your faithful subjects,
Will put YOU against the wall

The lies from the podium,
Exposed the cracks in your cause,
Forced into the Babylon sand,
To fight a war that is already lost.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cant believe I found this one, thought I had lost it for good...

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The new military warrior...the high tech bio-machine,
where the consciousness of the solider is downloaded into a new body,
when the body dies the consciousness goes back to the natural body...
no one ever dies they just move back to the host.

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Working in the belly,
Of a haze grey beast,
Tending the engines,
Throughout their enormous feast.


I sweat in the heat,
As the engines scream nearby,
In this man-made iron hell,
It reminds me of a banshees cry.


I’m surrounded by arteries and veins,
A maze of valves and pipes,
Every one of them is vital,

To carry fluids of many types.


Running the Navy is the job,
Of myself and my peers,
Providing power to the ship,
We are Naval engineers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was a Machinist Mate in the Navy, and this one goes out to all my fellow engineers.

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