Wide Water


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actually a set of lyrics rather than a poem per se, but I'd love to hear some opinions on it.

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Condition : Rotting on the Vine


The heart beats so fast

The blood rushes to feed the pain

These eyes wander past

The flickering sights pierce the brain

Numbness pursues

But what comes next?

Cannot undo


Seeking hatred

with an infatile mind

Viscious toil to rout the lesser kinds

Your children

Your mongrels

In the dark room where we learned to subdue

Beggars on bended knee

We scream and plead

In the dark room where we learned to bruise

Broken and bloodied

We cantracted your disease


Our hearts pumping and pounding

The blood gushes to free the pain

Our eyes wander past

The flickering darkness seizes the brain

Numbness ensues

But what comes next?

Cannot undo


We were your children

Rotting on the vine

Seeking hatred

with our infatile minds

In viscious toil

We strive to rout our kind

Our children

Our mongrels


Chin up! You're at the pearly gates

Chin up! You're at the pearly gates

"HAHAHAHA!!! Who are we fucking kidding?"








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Music, music, it’s in the air,
Here is a list of what I hear:

(1 e & a) (1 2 3)

Rhythm, beat, timing, and tempo,
Fermata, rest, and accelerando,

Forte, piano, half, and whole,
Quarter, dotted, and staccato,

Sharp, flat, and natural, too,
4/4, 3/4, 6/8, and 2/2,

Measure, scale, and arpeggio,
Chord, seventh, and legato,

Major, minor, and decrescendo,
Crescendo, seventh, and ritardando,

Staff, spaces, lines, and strings,
Sixteenth, in-tune, and fingering,

Woodwind, brass, position, and trill,
Treble, bass, mellow, and shrill,

Percussion, composer, style, and key,
Quickly, lively, somber, and freely,

Triplet, tone, tied, and up-beat,
Pick-up, slur, eight, and down-beat.

You may hear music here and there,
But I hear music everywhere.  
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No inspiration, No innovation

No room for introspection

Just copy and paste

Follow the guidelines already set

No time to waste


No self-motivation, Only pacification

and the proliferation

Of the same ideals

Follow in the wake of plagiarizers

Be in the collective or be a pariah


Singular mindset to seek mediocracy 

Cancerous in it's infancy

The purest form of malignancy

So we judge you guilty...


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I'm Sorry You Feel That Way (RSM)

Stephen Malkmus, Andrew Falkous:

coincidence? Yes.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

We're breaking lots of shit,

like our hearts and our guitars.

I'm sorry you feel that way.


What did you let her do?

And what did it mean to you?

The irony is palpable,

you condescending bitch.

What did you let her do? Huh?











She's in the shell, she's back in hell,

she's back where she began.

It's written on the door.

We're back where we began

but it gets darker every day.

I'm sorry you feel that way.





Inaction In Action (RSM)


I was at the grocery store

the other day.

The family behind me in line

was speaking Klingon.

I didn't understand

but somehow I was sure

they were talking about



This morning I realized

it was your birthday

but I didn't give

a shit.

I tried to give a shit

but you're an asshole

and an asshole is an asshole

is an asshole.


They said to be prepared

but they never said for what...

I guess they didn't


And so I fell asleep

holding my guitar

like a shotgun.


They always tell me that my heart

is in the right place.

Well I sure hope so,

cuz where else would it be?

I like it where it's at,

all filled with feelings,

in my thoracic cavity.


I called up Kurt Cobain,

it was a Wednesday,

and he came over for


Not pennyroyal tea,

that would be irony.

Or would it really?



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Last Gold Panther (RSM)

I’m highly distractible and feeling like a carousel pony

I’m feisty like ice cream and thinking of life with a migraine

Marianne Faithfull is plotting her escape from the library

La scopeta, la scopeta


We’re gonna blow ourselves up for profit

Drink the poison to keep them all guessing

I want to see the whites of their eyes

La scopeta, la scopeta


I don’t like TV cuz I know it’s all fake

There’s only so much of that shit I can take

Sometimes what you don’t know can kill you

I’m a fucking dinosaur!


She’s got thighs like bottle rockets

But she’s plastic like Polly Pocket, yeah

Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha

La scopeta, la scopeta


Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are lyrics for a song by my band.

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Jackson Pollock, Cartographer (RSM)

Love your neighbor like a Christian

Love yourself like an atheist

Love your brother like a brother

Love your lover like little fish


I heard you got a secret

Bet you wonder how I knew

Well it's a really funny story 

And only half of it is true


Lick your lips just like a lizard

It's the only thing I see

You got one finger on the trigger

And the other ones on me


I think there's blood again

Still we're all as white as day

I keep on looking for the sunlight

But all I ever see is gray


Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are lyrics for a song by my band.

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Antisemantic (RSM)

I'm tired of your social lost causes

I'm tired of your pregnant pauses

I'm tired, so tired, I'm so fucking tired


You say I'm out of touch

Cuz I'm an only child and I think too much

You say that it's a rush

Engaging me in battle, gotta keep it hush hush

You say, you say, I think you've said enough


I've got gin dreams and second hand nic fits

I've got magic beans and side stick cymbal hits

I've got, I've got, little Hello Kitty tits


I said four words in a certain order

So they confiscated my tape recorder

I've been called a bitch, I've been called a slut

But you can't call me cuz you don't have my number


Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are lyrics for a song by my band.

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