Missing You

Verse 1: The further away

             That I am from you

             The more I end up missing you

             I can't hate you for what you did


Chorus: I'll always love you

            How and when will this love end?

            Now that I'm no longer your's,

            I can't help missing you


Verse2: I can only pray for your happinness

            Even if I fall in love with somebody else,

            You're always going to be the one for me

            Missing you, you've turned into a memory


Bridge: Don't forget about the promises that

            We made together

            It was a sign of our love

            Now that I've moved on, I'm no longer missing you


Last-chorus:  Though, I call your name out in my dreams,

                    I know that these thoughts and feelings

                    Will no longer reach you.

                    Still, I can't help missing you whenever I'm alone


Verse3: I gave you my heart

            I gave you all of me

            Yet, you broke it

            Farewell, my lover



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have written many songs but haven't had time to post them up lately. I'll post more when I have time. I just wrote this song this morning. Here's the link to my other songs (sung acapella): ohtheirony1989.bandcamp.com (it's an EP I'm working on, long time coming...currently trying to learn guitar to begin composing those songs). I almost forgot about this account until recently. I hope you enjoy. This is dedicated to an ex (aka my first love). We were together for seven years (2003-2010)....

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I picked up a guitar in high school and tried to write songs.  I found it much more difficult than writing poetry.  Congrats on being so talented!