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Let Go

Verse 1:

If only we could just let go,

Loving you wouldn't be painful.

It's worth going through the motions.

But my love for you is blind.


We got to let go of our ghosts.

It haunts you yet suffocates you.

You fun and search for air

But your breath is short.


Verse 2:
Out of these things,

I think I love you better.

Our compromises and disagreements

Have strengthen our bond and relationship.


'Cause I know you by heart,

Where every you will go,

I will be there.

Always together, always forever.

If only we could just let go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about loving someone who is "broken" or two "broken" people in love.

Heartbeat Part 2

Verse 1: All of my life's existence,

             I've come to long for you.

             For you, you are my life's memory

             And my life's everything.


Chorus: Let us embrace one another

           'Cause it's safer in your arms.

           For, your eyes are my paradise.

           You are my life's heartbeat.


Verse 2: Come on, babe, admit it:

             Our love is dangling

             In the air tonight

             Better hurry up or


Bridge: I'll end us now or never

           'Cause I still believe in us.

            It's written in the poems

            We write and send to each other.


Last-Chorus: Beating faster, this heartbeat

                   Beats so alone without its better hald.

                   When will you return to my side?

                   For, you are my everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is Part 2/sequel to the song I wrote titled: "Heartbeat". It was inspired by the Japanese pop song: "Still Believe" by John Hoon. It's another love poem/song that I wrote 2+ years ago. I'm still learning guitar so I'll eventually update the bandcamp page that I have.

Ships and Stars

Verse 1: Out of all these things I've done, 

                Your transparent imagination

                Have been tearing us apart from each other 

                I watch my expectations fly through the window. 


Chorus: Take me home tonight

               'Cause I know you by heart. 

                Whereever you will go, 

                I'm never far behind. 


Verse 2: The possibilities are endless, my friend. 

                Together, we would never, never cry. 

                Any pain, any sadness, any sorrows here:

                They'll disappear as long as we're together. 


Bridge: We value our life together 

              Every step of the way. 

              Running at the speed of light, 

              You are my everything. 


Last-Chorus: 'Cause I' m your guardian angel, babe. 

                         We used to be so perfect. 

                         What happened to us? 

                         I stand alone, fighting the battles

                         Within and without myself. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is inspired by a Korean pop song called: "Heaven"  by Ailee. It references the hoobastank song: "What Happened to Us?"  in the last chorus.