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Indianapolis, IN -- Richmond, KY

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I was born into the world on May 13, 1991. I graduated From Franklin Central on May 22, 2009. Class of 2009!!!! I am going to attend Eastern Kentucky University starting in August of 2009. I live in Indianapolis, IN, my hometown, even though my family's from Marion, IN. I have four dogs, and 2 cats. I live with my family plus my gramma. If you wanna know anything else, Don't be afraid to ask.
Yahoo: flashes_chick2009

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It's a belly button with a pretty cherry belly ring in it.

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You tell me not to care about you? That's like telling the sun not to rise, or telling the moon to disappear forever. It's not gonna happen. I care about you and I love you. I'm going to care about you no matter what.


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