Under a Dark Veil



All this pain

Kept locked inside

Bottled up inside

Beyond my heart

Beyond my brain

Out of reach


In my soul it sits


Waiting to be more

Wanting to be let lose

Into the great unknown

But unable to see the world


Its kept hidden

Under a dark veil

From the world

Few know of this pain

Only one

one can comprehend


it continues on

no matter how much it occurs

it always comes back

never stays gone long

the pain

will come back


dancing in the rain

a temporary fix

spilling ones heart out

a temporary fix

crying your eyes out

a temporary fix


one thing can stop the pain

one thing alone

not just anything

can stop this pain

the one thing causing

has ability to end


Will the pain end

Or will it linger on

Sticking to my soul


© March 23, 2011 by Samantha Danielle Stone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written when i was slightly confused about some things involving a very good friend. It is about the pain that life in general can cause and how only by overcoming the source of the pain can one be relieved from it.

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