My Legacy

Volume Two

Take a look at my legacy, as one day I will leave
tell death I am on my way, I'll claim my prize, see my glory
for the dreams I conjured, chased and perceived
regrets will become just nightmares that I leave behind
as I traverse this rocky path, through the thicket
marching on, must struggle on. In this moment of time
to rise above and beyond the strange or the wicked.

Light your ego ablaze, forget about getting lost within their maze
your soul hypnotized by all the fancy lights
temptation found in the silent nights
To let all the angels cry
there is no hope when we don't even try

The rain pours down heavy, as the war drums beat steady
thieves in disguise smile and wave for their people
hiding the abuse is to lie to your own soul

“In this the valley of the dead, forsaken is what you had said.
Death came cheap in their unmarked graves
salvation steadily goes up in flames
hypocrisy is all the rage, Ghosts own the stage.”

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one lifetime

One lifetime, so many mistakes
Will i ever learn to bake Life's cake?
One lifetime so much time
but you still end up with regrets on your mind
One lifetime, so much air
why do I choke, shortage of air or fear?
One lifetime, so much semen
waste a lot of it, act of men
One lifetime so many friends
how come when you are broken these friends can't mend>
One lifetime, one heart
too critical to be torn apart
One lifetime, so many decisions
some are right, others...well situations!

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Its quiet and cosy in my living room
As another bomb goes off in Kabul
The only sound comes from the television
While bodies get blown beyond recognition

I sit comfortably in a chair in Lagos, Nigeria
As famine comfortably rips out the heart of Somalia
I take a bite from a slice of bread not cos am hungry, slightly bored
They cry ‘just a slice of bread please Oh Lord’

I aim my finger pistol at Gaddafi on the screen
Anders Breivik starts to shoot as people scream
Just a couple of days ago, Anders and I were anonymous
Fast forward, Anders Breivik, the infamous

What would go with this cup of tea is some cakes
What they need in Japan is life without the earthquakes
I sit unperturbed sipping on tea
As the earth collapses around me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes i wonder what all this shit called Life is about.

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Air hostess,
Beams a smile at me,
Are we to eternity?
But my friend,
The sweetest of them,
Is still a reality...

Why has he,
Who shared everything,
Gone silent and disappeared?

Were it not,
For bold, staunch, Donna,
Would I have been in the air?
Business class,
Has its own comforts,
And she joins me in my dream...
(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on July 25, 2011).

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The Storms of War


And then I saw the armies of the fallen child
marching across the land
and across the sea
and their wings blocked out the sun
there was only darkness and
fire fell from the heavens
and consumed the hated race.

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High on God

I don't need to get high on drugs because I'm high on God.
I don't need filthy drugs that would destroy my mind and bod.
Worshipping God is the only high that I need.
I believe that God should come first, that's my creed.
The Lord helps billions of people each and everyday.
When you want to get high, all you need to do is pray.

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I knew a mannish boy named Grit
who liked to drive his motorcycle.
There wasn't much he cared to do,
but riding always felt so fine.
He knew the girls were watching him;
he didn't stop to question why.
All Grit knew was he had it easy,
and he wanted the easy to stay.

Grit would light a fire for his friends
and stay and keep them company.
He'd tell a joke with tones of voice
that felt like mirrors and prism glass.
He always would agree with you
and step down quick to raising voice.
He also had a slithered way
of slipping hands into a pocket.

For many days Grit may be a friend
until a perk may catch his drift.
And then he may step down or back
atop your head or below your skirt.
At times his grip will belie the waist
even if the time's not right;
given to the time and place,
Grit would migrate to higher ground.

Eventually, one no longer knows Grit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some times people are just bad.

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Love's orbit

People spend a lifetime
on changing who they are,
but fail with evr'y sunshine
it origins way too far,

I lay within my pillow
try'n to rearrange my life,
but heavens' gentle moonglow
spins a gold-woven disguise,

My love goes far beyond you
through your shadow-casting eyes,
while I circle 'round you on cue
You're my highest-staked dice |

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Hopeless Dreamer


I am the hopeless dreamer
He who prefers to feel the embrace of the blanket
rather than the warm embrace of the sun
I am he that would rather walk among fairies
and swim among mermaids
than the flora and fauna of this world

I am the hopeless dreamer
He who dreams of love but never dares to find it
The boy who dreams of magic
and a world without responsibility

I am the hopeless dreamer
he who runs from reality
I am he who takes refuge in the world behind the eyelids
I'm the man who curses the golden glow of the morning sun
It shatters my happiness into nothing

The hopeless dreamer is early to bed and late to rise
I am he who is the hopeless dreamer
The boy not willing to face the tragedies of this world
I am he who is so innocent and so fragile

Time to wake up hopeless dreamer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was literally weaving in and out of my dream. I had to write it down

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